Guest astrologer and wellness alchemist, Stephanie Gailing, MS, shares her wisdom for staying healthy during every solar season!

The Sun ambles through slow and steady Taurus (April 20-May 20). This Taurus season wellness plan helps you connect to your senses.

During this monthlong cycle of Taurus season, you may feel connected to your senses, creativity and problem-solving powers. Using the following self-care Taurus season wellness strategies, you can fine-tune your wellbeing, foster vitality and reduce stress!

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The following are actions you can take and ideas for you to improve your overall Taurus season wellness
Taurus Season Wellness Mantras:

Slow and steady wins the race.
Health is wealth.
I follow a natural path to wellness, naturally.

Taurus Season Stress-Reducing Allies:

Connecting to the sensual realm
Being practical

Body Love Tips for Taurus Season Wellness

In wellness astrology, aspects of your anatomy align with the zodiac signs. Those that are associated with Taurus include the throat, thyroid gland, neck, cervical spine and inner ears.

Avoid Pain in the Neck

Keep your neck in a neutral position as much as possible. Do your best to maintain good posture despite how much time you may spend at a desk (it really helps!). Evaluate the ergonomics of where you spend the most time. A simple fix: adjust your desk and chair height so that the top of your monitor is at eye level. If you work with a laptop, elevate it to eye-level so you can see it straight on, and use an external keyboard.

Invest in a pillow that cradles the neck and supports its natural curve for better neck rest while you sleep.

Keep Your Ears Clear

If you experience ear infections or inflammation, try to rule out allergies, sinusitis, or accompanying throat infections as a cause. For acute infections, look into natural ear drops made from garlic, mullein and St. John’s wort. Also, earplugs are powerful allies in protecting hearing health, think concerts but also lawn mowers and leaf blowers, buses, or the club!

Avoid Quick Change of Eating Habits

Savor the rituals and routines that give life a sense of rhythm and security. If you wish to make changes, try them incrementally. A step-by-step approach to changing eating habits, for example, allows us to stay aligned with our well-being. If you are determined to eat more vegetables, instead of piling on six extra servings at once, add one every day, or every other day, until you reach six, or whatever your goal.

Connect Pleasure and Well-Being

Remember that whole, nutrient-rich foods can also be delicious, and the process to grow, shop and prepare them can indulge the senses. Visit a farmer’s market to experience the bold colors, fragrances and textures of local produce. For inspiration, pick up a new cookbook or magazine, or Google search for something that inspires you and your tastebuds.

Foods to Consider: Honey and Herbs

Honey is a great alternative to refined table sugar to sweeten foods and beverages. In its raw form, honey contains antibacterial and antioxidant compounds. It’s believed that the darker the honey, the more health-promoting constituents it contains. Honey is soothing for the throat and some research suggests that it is beneficial for coughs. It’s also believed (but not scientifically proven) that local honey can alleviate allergy symptoms. Often made from clover, alfalfa and acacia flowers, honey can be made from a variety of flowers, including orange blossom, thyme and lavender. Try different types of honey to enjoy the unique flavors each has to offer. (Remember, honey shouldn’t be given to infants less than one year old.)

Having an assortment of fresh herbs on-hand is a great way to flavor meals without much cost or effort, and they have health benefits. Oregano, for example, contains the antioxidant rosmarinic acid, which may boost the immune system. Basil has anti-inflammatory properties. Most markets stock them. Or, get in touch with Taurean earth energy and grow your own. Oregano basil are commonly found or are easy to grow, as are thyme, marjoram and mint.


Self-Care Tips for Taurus Season Wellness

Flower Essences: Chestnut Bud and Hound’s Tongue

Chestnut Bud flower essence is a great remedy for breaking free of self-limiting patterns or health habits. Taurus season is a good time to recognize patterns that keep us stuck and part company from ones that keep us stagnant from growth.

Hound’s Tongue flower essence can help to open our perception. If we become stuck in patterns that aren’t serving us, or take things at face-value, this essence can move forward our spinning wheels.

Spa Treatments: Aromatherapy Massage and Food-based Body Treatments

During an aromatherapy massage, a practitioner prepares a custom-blend of essential oils that meet your wellness wishes. If getting a professional massage isn’t your thing, you can benefit from aromatherapy by adding a few drops of oil to body oil and gently massaging parts of your body that need TLC. Some oils to try now are clary sage and rose, both elevate the spirit, lavender and chamomile for their relaxing properties.

Whether it’s the exfoliating properties of cacao or pomegranates, the antioxidant richness of wine and berries, or the moisturizing abilities of coconut oil and avocados, food-based skin treatments are another way to benefit from nature’s bounty. Many spas now offer food-based body treatments. No time to indulge at a spa? Whip up a DIY treatment for yourself at home.

Relaxation Practices: Listen to Music and Pottery

Try to play or listen to music a little more during Taurus season, it can help us relax as it stimulates the throat and ears. If you’re caught in looping thoughts, music can help you find your way out. Don’t play an instrument? Anyone can bang on something to mimic a drum. And sing, even if just in the car or the shower.

Plunge your hands into some pottery for a direct connection to the earthy qualities of Taurus season. Not only is it calming, it can be a sensual activity. Check out local art studios and community colleges for pottery classes, whether those focus on wheel throwing or hand building, or just pick up some materials at your local craft store and let your hands guide you.


Disclaimer: This information should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition or disease and is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or healthcare provider.


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About Stephanie Gailing

Stephanie Gailing

Stephanie Gailing is an astrologer and wellness consultant with more than 25 years of experience. Her unique approach weaves together astrological insights, lifestyle strategies, and dreamwork, providing clients with stellar life guidance. The co-host of the So Divine! podcast and the resident astrologer at the Healers online platform, Stephanie is the author of Planetary Apothecary and the forthcoming The Complete Book of Dreams. Based in Seattle, she also frequently travels to New York’s City, and works with clients all over the world.

Artwork Credit: Haley ED Houseman, “Selection of Herbs”

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