Guest astrologer and wellness alchemist, Stephanie Gailing, MS, shares her wisdom for staying healthy during every solar season!

The Sun sashays through alchemical Scorpio from October 23 to November 21, helping you tap into the resilient (and sexy!) qualities this star sign represents.

During this month-long cycle, you can foster vitality through fun and healing modalities. Try these self-care strategies to thrive during Scorpio season.

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Scorpio Wellness Mantras:

This too shall pass
I trust my emotions
Diving to the bottom, I find hidden jewels

Scorpio Stress-Reducing Allies:

Expressing feelings
Researching solutions

Scorpio Season Body Love

In wellness astrology, aspects of your anatomy align with the zodiac signs. Those that are associated with Scorpio include the genitals, reproductive organs, urinary tract, bladder and large intestines. Scorpio is also associated with detoxification and elimination.

Reproductive Health

The sign of Scorpio is connected to transformation and the cycles of life. It’s also the sign that rules the reproductive organs. Have you needed a little incentive to schedule that overdue gyno exam or prostate check? Scorpio season’s pushing us to do the things we usually don’t want to will come in handy. And whether you’re still menstruating, or approaching or have transitioned to menopause, now’s a good time to hone in any lifestyle strategies—diet, natural remedies, meditation, and yoga—that can help smooth out hormonal roller coaster ups and downs.

Let It Out

Scorpio season is a time for deep-diving into your emotions and uncovering the root of your motivations and longings.  It’s helpful to have outlets for your feelings so they don’t get jammed in your heart and minds, causing frustration or rage. Moving your body with exercise or dance, finding a friend to talk to, scheduling a session with a therapist, and thinking of clues in your dreams are some ideas to help curb stress now.

Intestinal Health

As one of the most complex signs, Scorpio is anything but regular; yet, with this sign ruling the large intestines, “regularity” is a good goal to aim for right now. Being irregular (or constipated) can make you irritable and have negative health impacts. Drink your water and eat fiber-rich whole foods to keep things moving along. Additionally, maintaining the microbiome (the bacteria that live in our gut) is an important key to your overall health. Studies have found that imbalanced microbial flora can lead to arthritis, depression, allergies, and even childhood obesity. Fermented foods, probiotic supplements, and the judicious (rather than excessive) use of antibiotics, all support microbiota populations.

Let It Go

Scorpio is the sign of extremes—it’s black or white, all the way. As the sign that rules death and release, this is a good time to purge excess from your life. Take an inventory of where you can shed and apply a take-no-prisoners approach! At home, you can downsize your closets. Body-wise, you can focus on skin exfoliation, detoxifying your diet, and possibly having a colonic to promote elimination. Journaling, meditating and clarifying conversations can help clear the clutter in your head. Need to kick a bad habit? Whether you’re quit smoking or cutting out dairy or sugar, letting it go may be quite a productive—and wellness-inspiring—strategy this month.

Watch the Extremes

If you’ve wanted to go vegan until dinnertime or try a gluten-free diet, now’s a great time to commit. Just watch the shadow side of going to extremes—whether bingeing or being overly-restrictive. Watch the tendency to rely on foods for comfort, too. Maybe before seeking solace in a pint of ice cream, you stop and ask yourself whether there is another cathartic activity that could better support you.


Foods to Consider: Fermented foods and dark-colored whole foods

When a bacterial culture is added to milk, it alchemizes into yogurt or kefir, which are both easier to digest and offer unique health-giving properties. Fermented foods also contain an abundance of beneficial bacteria that help to repopulate and support your personal intestinal microbiome, offering a huge boon to well-being. Other fermented foods to try include kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, kombucha, tempeh, miso, and natto.

Dark-colored foods contain health-giving phytonutrients. Since dark chocolate contains a higher content of cacao, it packs a greater punch of heart-healthy flavonoid antioxidants, for example. Purple foods, such as blueberries, blackberries, and Concord grapes, contain anthocyanins that offer whole body antioxidant support. Deeply hued cranberries contain phytonutrients that act as potent weapons against development of inflammation of the urinary tract. Some other foods to incorporate into your diet now are black rice and black soybeans, which offer more phytonutrient power than their lighter colored relatives.

Scorpio Season Self-Care Ideas
Flower Essences: Basil and Holly

Basil flower essence can help if your sex life is polarized from your heart’s intentions, or that your desirous nature runs at odds with your spiritual nature.

Holly flower essence can help assuage isolating feelings. It can helping shift your perspective of exclusion to inclusion. And it can re-orientate you to abundant love.

Spa Treatments: Deep tissue massage and mud treatments

This is a good time to schedule a deep tissue massage or a series of Rolfing sessions. Instead of working superficially, these practices target muscles and connective tissue that reside closer to the bone. They transform deeply held patterns of misalignment, helping to reduce chronic pain and enhance structural integration. These practices are not necessarily relaxing as they can bring with them some intense sensations and discomfort. But a bit of temporary discomfort is a worthy trade-off for long-lasting gain. You can also try trigger-point self-massage at home with yoga balls and rollers.

Scorpio season is ideal for exploration of a full range of experiences, so why not try the amazing healing and detoxifying properties of mud! Also known as “fangotherapy,” slathering yourself in mud—whether as a body or face mask—is a stygian therapy that has both cosmetic and healing benefits. Used as a facial mask, it can help pull out impurities from skin and rebalance oiliness. Apply to your upper back if that’s a spot of break-outs, or your décolletage for its skin-softening properties. And if your muscles are achy, try spot applications on knees, legs, shoulders, or other areas that need a bit of relaxing TLC. In addition to these DIY methods, you can also check out your local day spa and see if they offer any mud treatments. Pamper yourself!

Relaxation Practices: Dive into the erotic, mysteries and Kundalini yoga

Looking for another way to channel the provocative experiences that you’re keyed into during this time? Explore the realm of neo-tantra, the modern-day translation of Buddhist and Hindu disciplines that honor sex as a vehicle for spiritual elevation. These practices, sometimes known as sacred sexuality, stimulate chakra energy centers and allow you to experience sex as a consciousness-elevating experience. There are many books and videos available on the subject, and you may just find a workshop near you. You can also explore the seductive sphere by reading erotica, researching new approaches to pleasuring yourself, and discussing ways to enhance your sex life with your partner.

Indulge this desire to leave no stone unturned by reading detective novels, watching crime investigative TV shows or thriller movies, or attending a mystery theater performance. You can also gather your friends together and play a “whodunit” board game.

Or try kundalini yoga, a practice with exceptional metamorphic properties. Different from popular hatha yoga (the system that most people refer to when they use the term “yoga”), kundalini yoga is aimed at circulating life force energy (prana). Kundalini yoga weaves together a physical practice that involves repetition, endurance, and breathwork, with a spiritual practice that involves mantras and mudras. Kundalini yoga may not be for the faint of heart, especially for those who are not interested in facing and moving through their issues. Many practitioners note that it helps uncover trauma and desire, and results can often come at lightning speed. Owing to this, and the sacred foundation of the practice, it’s important to learn from a skilled teacher and/or respected teachings.

Disclaimer: This information should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition or disease and is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or healthcare provider.

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About Stephanie Gailing


Stephanie Gailing weaves together archetypal astrology, dreamwork and lifestyle strategies to provide her clients with stellar life guidance. In addition to working directly with individuals, couples, and organizations, Stephanie regularly teaches in-person and online classes. Stephanie is the author of Planetary Apothecary: An Astrological Approach to Health and Wellness, a pioneering book in the field of wellness astrology. The co-host of the So Divine! podcast and the astrologer-in-residence at The Cloud Room in Seattle, Stephanie and her work have been featured in Bustle, Refinery 29, Seattle Magazine, City Arts, and other outlets. Connect with her on Instagram for her astrological musings, here for her missives on sleep and dreams, or stay in touch via her free newsletters.


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