A Numerology Focus on the Element Personality

Did you know that there is a connection to your numbers and the elements? In numerology, each year you have a different personal theme and a correlating element personality that affects your life. 

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November 2019

November, the 11 month is the master number of inspiration and leadership.  It is the powerful energy of reaching past what you know and have learned. Using your intuition, 11 has the ability to invent and to come up with ideas or actions that can change the world in some way. Now is a time to challenge yourself to go beyond your norm and your way of coping. You can step past limited beliefs as you expand intellectually and spiritually.

The Element Personality Theory

Keep in mind there are a few variations of the element theme.  Feng Shui and Buddhism, for example, studies the five-element theory — Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood.  For the purpose of this article, we will focus on the Western view of four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

“Shamanism sees Nature as being a balance of all four elements, teaching us to walk the earth and live our lives in balance. The four elements are within us and show up in personality traits and expression. Anything about our humanness is an expression of an element.”  Ahalya Running Deer, Spiritual Teacher and Medicinewoman.

A simple chart of symbolism can be used as a first step in viewing the numbers and their corresponding element.

numerology and element personalityNumerology and Element Chart

Here is a brief description of the four elements.

Fire relates to excitement, enthusiasm, action and motivation (Masculine)

Water relates to flow, expression, emotions and healing (Feminine)

Earth relates to the physical realm – stability, and action that helps you reach your goals. (Feminine)

Air relates to the intellect, communication and imagination. (Masculine)

How do the elements affect you? Through a simple formula, you can find your personal year and element.  Once you discover your personal number for the year and month along with the corresponding element, check out the suggestions below.

What is Your Personal Year and Personal Month?

To understand further about your number and element personality correlation for the year of 2019, follow your personal year and month through the following two steps.

1) Personal Year – What is going on this year for you personally? What are the themes? Add your month, day of birth to the current year. Example: if your birthday is April 1 and the current year is 2019, add: 4+1+2+0+1+9 = 17 (1+7 = 8)

Thus you are in an 8 personal year. Eight is a year of looking at your abundance or lack of it. You can use your lessons this year to shift your life.  Find out more about your personal year.

2) Personal month – The overall theme for you this month. Add the month number to your personal year.  Example:  for November, if your personal year was an 8, add 11 (November) + 8 like this: 8+1+1 =10. Therefore, November is a 1 personal month for you in 2019


You can also look into your destiny to see how your life purpose and element helps you see the world. To find your destiny, add your month and day of birth to your year of birth.

Your Personal Number and Element

Below is a brief synopsis of your personal numbers and their elements.  Once you discover your personal number for the year and month (see formula above), check out how these themes ring true for you.

1 — A time of rebirth and innovative ideas. The element of fire will help you ignite your thoughts into reality.

2 — You are not alone. Connect with another, to find truth and balance. This is a time of relationships of all kinds, be it romantic, social, business, self. The element of earth will help you ground your intentions and make something happen.

3 — A time of creative expression, how will you communicate with others? The element of air will cut through obstacles by using your mind and flexibility

4 — You are organized and strong. It is a great period to complete a project, working with your hands and mind to build. The element of water will help you feel your emotions and gather strength. Note: in my view, 4 is also earth. Earth will help you feel your stability and connect to your true essence.

5 —A time of energy and connecting with people and charisma. The element of fire will help you kindle the spark to any relationship.

6 — Your heart is open.  You may find yourself sharing love and compassion with family, friends, and community. The element of earth will help you ground and connect to your true nature.

7 — It is a time of spiritual growth and finding the answers within.  A period of reflection.  The element of air will help you to cut through your thoughts to find the true essence of your meditation. Note: I also see 7 as the element of water. Here you can work on the emotional piece of your inner being.

8 — Energy and abundance are yours to help you move forward in your life. It is a time of power and strength as a leader and manifester. The element of water will help you understand the insecurities or stress that may occur during this time. Strong note here: I also see the element of fire here helping you with igniting and empowerment.

9 —A time of transformation and transition. It is a stage in your life that may provide choices to make a change for the better. It is a powerful time of enlightenment and completion.  The element of fire will help you ignite your intentions. Note: I also see the element of air here, using your intuition to cut through your barriers.

Feel free to share your findings and insights!

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Using the information above can help you align with your theme and intentions for this year to best meet what you want to achieve.  I would be happy to assist you further in a numerology session to explore your strengths and lesson through you birth and name charts. Click here for more information about my sessions.

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