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Witchcraft vs Law of Attraction


Has anyone successfully combined witchcraft and LOA (visualizing your desires and pretending they're already happening/certainly going to happen)?

I have experience with witchcraft but want to dabble in LOA as well. I spoke with someone experienced in it and he said that sometimes, trying to make something happen can stop it from happening. I know LOA works quicker when you don't feel like you "need" something and you act like you already have it. But, does this mean that doing small things to make your desire happen can stop the LOA from working? What about these:

Making wishes

Wearing certain crystals/carrying herbs

Casting spells

Making a vision board

Writing out a step by step process of how these things would be achieved (example: to buy a house, you would get a job, then save money, then go to open houses, then buy a house) (I assume this will help me visualize more easily and clearly, and help the LOA do its job, but I don't know for sure)

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