Ancient and modern civilizations alike have practiced subtle energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Shamanic healing, Pranic healing, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, Integrated Energy Therapy and more. In the West, where we are conditioned to trust science more than our own experience, we often question, “Does energy healing actually work?” Cultural programming leads us to believe that the answers we need for our health and wellbeing are outside of us or more complex than it needs to be. However, here are 8 reasons why energy healing modalities work.

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Addresses our environment, cultural and social influences

Can you consider the possibility that over the years, our experiences have shifted our notions and belief systems? We may have learned that flying isn’t safe after a turbulent flight or that we can’t earn a living with our creative projects because our friend’s artwork didn’t sell? In those experiences, we not only programmed our subconscious, but we also stored energy into our cells and chakras. Energy healing raises awareness of the stress that our mind puts on our body as well as our soul’s callings. It helps us work through our past so we can be present enough to show up as our Highest Selves. Energy healing modalities shed light on the deeper causes of dis-ease – things such as the lack of fulfillment in our careers, abusive relationships, repression of our creative energy – and guide us to make the necessary shifts in our lifestyle to restore health and wellbeing.

Induces the relaxation response

The flow of lifeforce soothes the nervous system and elicits the relaxation response, as presented in several studies. The nervous system directs respiration, digestion, metabolism, immune function, temperature, and more. Dr. Herbert Benson noted that some signs of the relaxation response are relaxed muscles, a decrease in heart rate, reduced cortisol levels, and mental peace. Things that our mind conceives as normal, such as traffic, or a party that we’re hosting, can be perceived as a threat by the body. We may clench our jaws, break a sweat, or begin to breathe shallowly in these situations. Often, we’re not even aware of it unless we slow down and begin to pay attention. Energy healing is an opportunity we give ourselves to become present, cultivate gratitude, and trust. This reframes our mindset from anything that we may have feared or judged earlier in the day.

Deepens faith

Energy healing modalities ask you to acknowledge your wholeness and connection to the Divine. We begin to see ourselves as more than a body. We witness our imperfections as perfection as we embrace the growth and lessons that we’re here to learn. With regular practice and dedication, energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Shamanic Healing offer pathways to strengthens our faith muscles in times of turbulence.

Everything is energy

A fundamental concept of physics is that all matter is energy. Even seemingly solid matter is a collection of dense energy. In a more mystical language, underneath the body, the labels and identities that we’ve created, we’re made up of the same essence or life force. We’re not a collection of organs, but rather beings with mind, body, and soul which come together through universal energy. Our thoughts, words, actions, behaviors are all energy at its root. Different types of energy healing modalities, such as acupuncture, EFT, Reiki, reflexology, and acupressure, move the vital force that’s subtle and makes us human. It’s within all things – living and nonliving.


Treats the subtle body

While Vedic philosophy notes that we have koshas, nadis, and chakras, TCM introduces meridians and organ networks. Additionally, the Japanese subtle body introduce the concept of the three diamonds. Ancient civilizations were in tune with the subtle energies in our constitution and how can harness it to manifest health, vibrant relationships, and prosperity. All of these subtle body philosophies shed light on our mental and emotional patterns and their connection with the physical body. They take us beyond nutrition and exercise, which are equally important, to the unseen but powerful drivers of our reality.

Leads to new perspectives

Through private healings, events, and an at-home practice, we learn to relax and anchor into ourselves. We are able to take a step back and see the larger picture. When we take a few moments to balance the mind and body, we cultivate health that leads to clarity of mind. Clients note that they begin to see themselves, others, society, and life with a fresh perspective. Healing is not always about a cure or treatment for a physical illness. Sometimes, healing means a shift in mindset or accepting that which you cannot change.

Antidote to stress

Stress is an underlying cause of 75-90% of health conditions today including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, and depression. Many are treatable with an honest and compassionate look at our stressors. Our lifeforce becomes blocked with every preconceived idea, traumatic event, difficult transition, disease, addiction, and unacknowledged feeling. With that, we may notice endless signs of dis-ease in our mind, body, and spirit which may include difficulty breathing, feelings of pity, or less resilience to illness. As soon as we take inventory of our energy leaks, we can create an environment in which the nervous system is able to direct the body’s natural healing capabilities.

Wakes us up to our body’s call for help

Energy Healing guides our quest for healing as it connects us to our Highest Self. We learn the lessons behind why we called in certain experiences. The modalities support us in our discovery for clarity and connection to intuitive hunches.

When lifeforce, known as prana, ki, or chi in various cultures around the world, is balanced, it’s abundant and flowing. We can easily think positively and integrated feelings such as confidence, trust, love, compassion, and safety. Our mind is clear, balanced, and neutral. Our body is receptive to healing. Energy healing causes in transformation in numerous layers of our being – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

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