-here am I again asking for wisdom

-what do you want to explore now?

-the concept of hell, why the man think about one and fear it when other living beings don't feel it? This "place" or "mind set" isn't a place made for everyone or..?

-you allready responded to your question, living beeing don't feel hell, but what they feel?

-emotions, sensations


-like happieness, sadness, intentions, atractions, energy

-why sadness?

-because is a state of mind, like happieness. Why not happieness then?

-is happieness a present feeling?




-what are you doing right now?

-thinking about the answer, a concret one

-exactly, you are thinking. But now you are happy and because you felt it you answered without any mind-help

-i see.. but why sadness, then?

-because sadness is something dictated by the mind, we just hear it in our head trough words, and "pseudo-feel" it because of that illusion, but when you are happy and/or in love, you just feel it, you can't describe it, because is something present

-and what about hell?

-hell is a state of mind like you said, you can't feel it

-but animals can feel sad

-but animals don't listen fully to their ego/brain/troughts, they go by instinct, and instinct don't act in terms of happieness and sadness

-but they can still be so happy in general because they feel it…


-and "fear" for them is dictated by instinct, not by their soul



-so they don't feel hell because no one of us feel is, is just an illusion of your state of mind, that's why we don't see a flower that wants to die or want to not grow up, she don't have an ego so she don't even hear the instinct of fear

-and you answered yourself again. But if you are here is for explore that


-then follow me and tell me, what you see?

[a cube opens]

-2 cubes

-they are not rectangles?


-why not?

-because i feel them like cubes, they were cubes and even if now they have another form, i feel them like they are the same as before

[The cube closes]

-now what you see inside it?

-another cube

-is it really cosed?

-no… is the other cube from before inside of it

-so.. why now is changed?

-because he wanted tha- -no, because he feel it like that is the right way to do


-i don't know

-then feel it

And you, imaginating all that i said, what do you feel? Exand that feeling and then realize that there is no hell in the feeling of something that is not even alive, so why shoud it be for something that is alive… Or is he? Is the cube alive because it moves? Because it feels something or we can empathize with it? Why is it or not alive?

Ps: sorry is my eng is not so good

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