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Hi, there. I’m Sundae with Natural Sundae.

Have you ever wondered what a lomi lomi massage is? Well, I can tell you. Now, lomi lomi is actually a word in Hawaiian that means massage, so it’s very indicative of what it is. It’s a massage in Hawaiian. It was actually started by the early Polynesian settlers, and it was practiced by the healers — the master healers of Hawaii. Now, lomi lomi massage has actually a basis of belief that is formed through the theory that love and touch and attention can release blockages no matter if they’re physical blockages in your muscle or emotional blockages. Now, the alternate name for lomi lomi is actually called healing touch massage or loving hands. Now, this means that there are actually two parts of the belief that go into a loving hands massage or lomi lomi. The first part is the hands part, of course. It’s the physical manipulation of the soft tissue, which means muscles, tendons, and connective tissue — of course, fascia as well. But the second half is the love part. Now, when the practitioner focuses all his or her love and attention upon the client, that is a way to not only release physical blockages in the muscle, but emotional blockages as well.

And in this type of massage, it is believed that old patterns, old habits, old behaviors are not only stored in the mind, but they are actually physically stored in the cells of the body. So they are able to be removed through the physical manipulation of the cells. So lomi lomi massage, again, was brought over to Hawaii by the ancient Polynesians and practiced by the master healers of Hawaii. It’s based on loving touch, and that loving touch can remove not only physical blockages in your muscles, but also emotional blockages — that layer in your life — that you need to correct before you can have a full and balanced life.

I hope we’ve learned a little bit about lomi lomi massage today. I’m Sundae with Natural Sundae..

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