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Weight Watchers Reimagined & The All New Yoga Hub


Founded in 1963, Weight Watchers has become a household name when it comes to weight loss. However, in September 2018, the company announced a rebrand.  WW is Weight Watchers reimagined, reflecting a shift from a focus on weight loss to overall health and wellness.


It came to the point where we knew we needed to evolve as an organisation (and our name too). In discussion around our February 2018 impact manifesto, it became clear that a new roadmap was emerging where overall wellness was our North Star. Whilst we continue to be the world’s leader in weight loss, we will expand become the world partner in Wellness. For some, weight loss will still be a goal, but now, anyone who wants to improve their wellness, by eating healthier, getting fitter and stronger and shifting their mindset to positive thinking, can find support and encouragement through our programme.  Zoe Griffiths, Head of Programme and Public Health

Yogamatters spoke with Zoe Griffiths, WW’s UK Head of Programme and Public Health, overseeing the programme in the UK and working to develop health solutions with the NHS and Public Health. Herself a registered dietitian, Zoe has been with WW for the past 11 years and is excited about this brand evolution. She follows the programme herself – as does her husband and her mum! She values the freedom and flexibility the programme allows to still eat out and fit her running and Pilates around her two young boys and busy work life.

With the programme pillars of Food, Fitness and Mindset, WW was always more than simply weight loss, but now a new holistic programme has been created, based on the latest scientific evidence and consumer insight. In this exciting new WW chapter, members will be encouraged to develop healthy habits for real life using a host of tools, techniques and programmes..

There’s been a definite change in the perception of wellness. People want to feel good, be stronger, healthier, more flexible, less stressed…we’ve had to rethink what we offer and how we promote that. WW opens up our programme to everyone, even those not interested in weight loss. You can attend our wellness workshops without having a weight loss goal and without being weighed regularly. It’s about wellness that works and what that means for each individual.  Zoe Griffiths

Becoming a WW member offers a whole new experience. WW coaches have been retrained to deliver wellness workshops following a national curriculum and many signpost members to fitness sessions in their region. The focus of fitness is about a combination of cardio, aerobic exercise and building strength and flexibility. This includes yoga and Yogamatters are delighted to be supporting this shift. Zoe explains that wellness will mean something different for everyone and that it’s about finding what’s fun for each individual to gain the motivation to stick with it. WW has also partnered with Headspace and Aactiv to offer members a range of different experiences. There’s also a closed social platform, a powerful tool allowing members to connect as the WW community and in smaller groups of like-minded individuals eg. new mums, men, hikers, runners, bakers…


In 30 January 2019, WW launched its new rewards programme WellnessWins here in the UK. With the fantastic feedback from the earlier launch in the United States, Zoe is excited about the impact of the scheme in the UK.

Our programme has always been highly motivational, but now with a great range of different rewards to earn, I can’t wait to see how our UK members respond to the scheme. Anything that we can do to enable members to attain their goals is so important. Zoe Griffiths

You may in the past have decided that Weight Watchers is not for you.

But this is Weight Watchers reimagined.

This is new.

Why not find out more for yourself about WW here? The new WW Yoga Hub is also a great place to visit for inspiration on how to start or develop your yoga practice. Find a wide range of articles to inspire and support your yoga journey here.

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