Hi! This is my first time on reddit and my first post ever so hope you like it (ps: sorry for my bat eng)

I study shamanism for… 8 years thanks to some shamans i know in the "lower world" (a kind of dimension when you can contact your spiritual animal and other things like past shamans that wanted to live their afterlife there from where i learn all i know)

One day, a shaman told me "you know why a shaman see reality and dream like they were the same things?"

"No.. why? They do?"

"Yes, i know that you don't live in a family with that kind of culture so let me teach you."

"Where do we begin?"

"You know… "reality", no? You see that the "truth" we live in is the life we have. If someone thinks that one religion is the truth then he is right because he live in his reality, he will believe that and he will wake up (die) knowing that, so, for his life that is the truth and there is nothing to argue about. Objectivity is a state of mind, objectiviti is nothing more than a collective subiectivity."

"Then we build the world we live in, right?"


"Yes, and you know what else is build that way? Dreams, dreams are manifestations of our ego/brain about what we see and sense, and you know what else you see and sense? Reality. We are one soul, you know that, then.. what is the difference?"

"No one"

"I am a manifestation of my last troughts and my last truth, this dimension, like your dimension are the same, manifestations of energy, you are something that still need to wake up, child. Your soul, like all the living souls, have a dream on this world. But, because of the ego, now the soul have an antagonist and is separed from having his sacred dream."

"Sacred dream?"

"Yes, on your world, all the living beeing have 2 tipest of dreams before they wake up. The social dream or the sacred dream"

PART 1/2, i'll continue if i see that is something interesting to talk about

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