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There are a few different types of numerology that can be used. By using a person’s birthday for instance, a vibratory number can be found and this represents many different aspects of a person’s life. Anyone can get started in numerology and give it a try on their own or go to a professional numerologist who can give them a reading. For birthday numerology the day, month and year of a person are used in order to determine a single vibratory number.

The numbers are then added up so for a person who was born March 7, 1984 they would add 4, 7, 1, 9, 8 and 4. With the determined number, the vibratory number will be found and that shows a person’s character and what they should be striving to achieve in life. The vibratory number is then found from this and there is a description for each separate number. Every number used here has a certain power which is expressed by its symbol and has connection to universal principles.

The description of the numbers is quite different and show just how contrasting peoples’ personalities and lives can be. The number one symbolizes new beginnings and purity so it may refer to someone who has just started a new job or someone who has started making important changes in their life. For people determined to be a number one, the sun, it goes to represent both kinds of action physical and mental. The number three on the other hand is very different and refers instead to magic and advantage.

This number may represent a person who is very thoughtful and creative in life and who is more of a leader in terms of personality. It’s very important for anyone having a birthday numerology reading to take time to actually understand their vibratory number and what it represents. Even skeptics have to admit that numerology is a form of science, something which cannot be denied. A person’s birthday numerology number can give away a lot about them and the sorts of traits they hold.

There is also the life path number which is actually considered to be the most important determined number from a numerology reading. The life path number above all else is considered as being the most important because it represents the entirety of your life. It’s thought that if a person is able to determine their life path number they can choose to follow on the path they’re on or make changes accordingly. They can then use this information and make changes in their life as they want.


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