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True Predictions, New Predictions May 2018


True Predictions, New Predictions May 2018

It’s always good to check with the astrological weather every so often, just to see how your horoscope is tracking. Astrology can and does predict the future – as you can see here – over a year in advance.

Astrology is alternative time. The people’s time, if you like, because it gives us a global view of what we, the people, need to know – months or years before it happens. So what have seen out there in May 2018, since you read this, last year? We’ve been talking a lot about May 15th as the first day of the Uranus in Taurus revolution and it’s now 21st May. So let’s check the news.


TRUE PREDICTION – Why You’ll See Changes Start April, May 2017

The cycle itself, kicking off from May 2018, will be volatile, move very quickly and leave us with our jaws on the floor. Yet – we are also going to see the storm building in a small, slow way in April and May 2017. This is rather like watching storm clouds being charged – we will be able to gaze about 12 months into the future and see how things are already tingling. We’ll feel those electrons. In fact, conditions for a perfect world economic storm will build.

The investigation into Donald Trump and his circle and the fall-out from that. Climate change. The rising boom in people power, working against corporations and politicians, rising in popularity. The rise of cryptocurrency. The increase in crowd-funding. These are just a handful of elements at work. There will be more.

When Uranus goes into Taurus in May 2018, and for many years afterwards, we will see this chopping and changing with banks, or their new equivalent – and online marketplaces. We will also see it with competing currencies. After 2018 the old days of one bank, one card, one currency are over. Finished. Wall Street used to fix the value of things, along with other markets. Not any more. What things are worth – and why – and when will become a huge question. Watch the FTSE and the pound. Crazy.


Uranus in Taurus at Zero Degrees in May 2018

If you realise that Uranus in Taurus (banks, currency, your money) only just started at 0 degrees, bang on 15th May (the exact date when the HSBC Bank made the first trade-finance deal with blockchain in history) – you can see how far we have to go.

Uranus will take around seven more years to crawl past 1, 2, 3 Taurus and onto 27, 28, 29 Taurus at the very end of the cycle. Until then, we’re seeing – just a week after his entry – the radical changes with Wall Street and beyond – we expected. In fact, the physical buildings and structures at Wall Street (above) are literally on the move! You read “Watch the FTSE” – well just look at what the FTSE has been doing, within 7 days of Uranus changing signs, below.

May  2018 – Record Highs on the FTSE 100 and US Treasury Yields

FTSE 100 at record high after trade war truce, but pound hits 2018 low …

FTSE 100 hits record high as Trump trade war fears ease

FTSE 100 hits record high as trade war fears ease

UK average house price hits record high but number of sales is falling …

Wall St. drops as Treasury yields surge

Welcome to the New Cash Craziness

And how can we overlook this, which arrived just after Uranus entered Taurus, on 15th May 2018?

WankCoin Is The Porn Cryptocurrency Token You Knew Was Inevitable

This is just the start of what will be an overwhelming, often exciting, sometimes dangerously risky new marketplace of competing cryptocurrencies. Uranus rules electricity, of course, which may explain why there will be new fears for our global supply, given the huge amount of power that c-currency absorbs. Add to this, the electric car phenomenon, the impact of that on oil prices and the rest – and this is going to be a whole new world.

Stay tuned for more True Astrology/New Astrology predictions.


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