Did you know there is so much untapped energy in your body and your mind? Are you ready to step up and discover what you’re capable of doing? My name is Brad Goodchild, Studio Owner of Bikram Yoga Five Dock I’ve been a devoted practitioner of Bikram Yoga for 12 years and Studio Owner now for five years Before starting Bikram yoga I was suffering from chronic lower back pain I’d have trouble picking things up off the floor I couldn’t bend over I couldn’t touch my toes at all I started doing Bikram Yoga because I had a back injury. I had a herniated disc in my lower back I needed to strengthen my lower back and core strength and I also had a mild case of depression When I first started Bikram yoga I was experiencing some health problems that included depression. and I had a lower back problem as well. Bikram Yoga is a powerful health maintenance system no matter what your body size is, your age or your flexibility Where you’re at Bikram Yoga can have amazing health and therapeutic benefits for your body and mind. Bikram Yoga is a beginners class.

It’s for everybody. 90-minute class, 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises in a purpose-built studio heated to 40 degrees At work we’ve been really really busy at the moment there’s a lot of pressure deadlines that need to be met. I work in warehousing and distribution. It’s a very physical job, very demanding, lots of heavy lifting. In my work I see clients 1 on 1 so it’s emotionally demanding. Often when people start practicing Bikram yoga they do so because they want to lose some weight, improve their flexibility, have some more energy.

Bikram Yoga gives you those things but often what students aren’t expecting is the powerful impact it has on your mindset. Even though Bikram Yoga is a beginners class it is more mentally demanding than any other type of yoga. It is purposely designed to rattle your cage and your belief systems but this is a positive thing. This means you get to learn on levels you might not otherwise. Bikram Yoga is a powerful learning tool to help you face your challenges head-on. As Bikram would say the only way out is through. Bikram Yoga has helped my mindset. I’ve become more focused and determined.


I realize that if I can do Bikram Yoga I can do anything in life. So now I focus on what I need to do. I get on with it and at the same time I’m also mindful and very grateful for what I have. Bikram Yoga has given me a much stronger mindset to tackle the everyday tasks in life. I’ve actually now gone back to surfing, playing tennis and starting to enjoy life. Bikram Yoga has helped me build my determination, give me a clarity of mind. Help me with my concentration so when I am dealing with my clients one-on-one I’m attentive and I’m able to be there to support them through there process in changing their life. In Bikram Yoga we all come together as a group because of this we get to learn and grow as a group together.

The only way to experience Bikram Yoga and its benefits is to come in and give it a go. You’ve got nothing to lose so we look forward to seeing you in the hot room. Get ready for some positive change!.

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