If you find it difficult to get needed R&R on a regular basis, you may benefit from the use of an eye pillow.

Best For FamiliesHappy Wraps Namaste Yoga Eye PillowsHappy Wraps Namaste Yoga Eye Pillows

Relaxing Eye Pillows. This four-pack of calming eye pillows is perfect for winding down with the entire family.

What We Liked: 

These high-quality eye pillows are made in the USA. With your purchase, you’ll get four different eye pillows, making this a great pick for families or studio owners. The pillows are filled with flax seeds and lavender that actively distribute a calming scent while in use. The pillows are 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed, so you certainly won’t regret your purchase. Get it here.

Best OverallBlissful Being Namaste Yoga Eye PillowBlissful Being Namaste Yoga Eye Pillow

Soothing Eye Pillow. This soothing eye pillow is perfect for relaxing at home or in a yoga studio.

What We Liked: 

You’ll love the obvious quality of this excellent eye pillow. It is entirely made in the USA with flax and lavender seed filling. Notably, this eye pillow can be heated or cooled for hot or cold therapy. You can also purchase an additional eye pillow cover for added padding and protection. Buy it now.

 Best ValueDreamTime Spa Comforts Eye PillowDreamTime Spa Comforts Eye Pillow

Quality Eye Pillow. This eye pillow is extremely relaxing while still remaining a total bang for your buck.


What We Liked: 

This sleek eye pillow is ultra-compact and rests firmly on the head for easy relaxation. You can get this pillow in different scent and color combinations according to your preferences. The affordable pillows are extremely versatile and can be used in travel, spa, or home environments. With three different unique pillow choices, you’re bound to find the perfect eye pillow for your needs. Get it here.


Portable Eye Pillow. This eye pillow comes with a convenient carrying case for use while on-the-go or traveling.

What We Liked: 

This beautiful, sleek eye pillow is filled with lavender for an all-encompassing relaxing experience. You can heat or cool the pillow for maximum flexibility. You’ll also get a convenient travel bag with your purchase, making this a great portable relaxation aid. Notably, your purchase also includes download codes for sleep aid audio as an added bonus. Get it here.

Best For SleepAyaZen Lavender Eye PillowAyaZen Lavender Eye Pillow

Large Eye Pillow. This large eye pillow rests firmly just below the forehead, making it perfect for a good night’s rest.

What We Liked: 

This pillow diffuses a calming lavender scent and contains organic flax seeds to provide an adequate, well-distributed amount of pressure. The silk material feels great on the skin, making it perfect for overnight use. Best of all, you can heat or cool this eye pillow for hot or cool therapy. With three different color options, it’s easy to pick out an eye pillow that matches your personal sense of style. Buy it here.

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