This is a review of the Witches Moon November 2019 Subscription Box. For those of you who don’t know, the Witches Moon has three different subscription boxes, aimed specifically at witches. These are all designed to assist you in your spiritual journey. I’ve reviewed both the Witches Roots and the Witches Bounty box, but this is my first Moon Box. If you are interested in any of these subscriptions, you can check them out on Cratejoy here.

I consider these subscription boxes to be part self-care, and part ritual kit. And this one just blew me away. This one has a shamanic theme going on. I’ve always been curious about Native American practices and I can’t wait to explore this ritual kit further.

Please note, that I paid for this box with my own money. So, this is not a sponsored post. And I will be giving you my honest opinion.

The Witches Moon November 2019 Subscription Box

Below, you will find the contents of the box. However, there are some similar items you’ll receive in every box.  So, each Witches Moon Box contains a ritual oil, Book of Shadows art, a crystal, a spell candle, sacred salt, oracle reading, incense, and selection of herbs. And there are a variety of unique items every month as well.

Theme: A Witches Journey. As I mentioned above, this particular box has a shamanic theme. There are a lot of similarities between shamanism and witchcraft. And I’ve always been interested in exploring those spiritual practices. I recently purchased a shaman’s dream crystal as well as a shaman stone. In this box, I’ve been given all the tools I would need to go on a shamanic journey.

Incense: Vision Quest. It has a very earthy scent. I think there might be either cedar or sandalwood in the mix. I love their hand-dipped incense. It smells amazing.

Spell Candle: This is a brown beeswax “sunless sea” candle, along with an incantation you can use “as is” or adapt to the spell.

Artwork: There are two gorgeous pieces of artwork. One is the “Shamanic Roots of Witchcraft” and the other is about the gorgeous piece of moldavite included in the box.

Crystal: Moldavite. This crystal is supposed to expand your consciousness. It is also high vibration and it’s supposed to be a stone of transformation. It’s extremely pricey, too. So, even owning a tiny piece of it is fantastic.

Herbs of Eight Ritual Tea: If you like to practice tea magic, there is a special treat in this box.  There’s a ritual tea with lemon balm, rosemary, and spearmint, among others.   It’s designed of be calming and centering.

Sacred Salt: The Healer of the Forest sacred salt contains white oak, willow, cedar, sandalwood, lavender, and chamomile. And it does does smell earthy, like you are standing in the middle of a forest.


Etched Antler with Amethyst Point: This is absolutely stunning. The antler was naturally shed and hand-carved with a rune.  So, no deer were harmed in this process, which is fantastic. This piece was designed as a pendant, but I think I will be keeping it on my altar. TMaybe I will be using it as a fetish. It has such a protective vibe when you hold it.

Herbs: This kit also contains wild endive root ( which has psychic properties), passion flower (which makes you calm and relaxed), and lobelia (which brings speed/urgency to a spell).

How I will use the items

I am going to be using this ritual kit to go on a shamanic journey to the Lower World. According to shamanic tradition, there are three different “realms” or “worlds” you can visit when going on a vision quest. The Lower World is in the earth or of the earth and it’s where you would speak with a power animal, and it’s a great place to do healing work.  The Middle World is the one we are living in right now. You can go backwards and forwards in time, as needed. This is a great place to work with people’s spirits or energies. The Upper World is where you can speak with your spirit guides, your ancestors, angels, or maybe a deity.  You can also access the Akashic records in this journey.  Learn more about shamanic journeys by watching this video.

Witches Moon Box Impressions and Information

I just love this month’s offering, especially the antler. This box has a comforting, protective vibe, which makes me feel cozy and safe. I will be putting together my own shamanic journey to the Lower World. I really love how cohesive and comprehensive this box is. All of these tools can be used together, as you see fit, to create a ritual. All I need is some drumming sounds to put myself in a trance-like place and I’m sure I’ll find something on YouTube.

The Witches Moon Box is $54, plus tax. Considering what’s included, it seems pretty reasonable. You can purchase a Witches Moon Box here through Cratejoy.

What was your favorite item from the list? Tell me in the comments below.


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