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The Sun Sign School – Astrology Classes for 2019


Learn How to Become a Sun Sign Astrologer

If you’ve ever wondered how world-famous Sun Sign astrologers like Penny Thornton do it, here is your chance. Launching on Tuesday 23rd April 2019, The Sun Sign School is your chance to enjoy personal tuition, online and at live events in Britain and Australia, with Penny, Jessica Adams, Stephanie Johnson and Joanne Madeline Moore.

And that’s just the start – The Sun Sign School is adding more big names in international Sun Sign astrology over the next few weeks and months. In January 2019, this is your chance to save the date – and look forward to a very different kind of course.

Even if you can’t make the live events, we’ll be offering you PDF ebook downloads, video tutorials and audio podcast tutorials so that you can learn Sun Sign astrology at home. Stephanie Johnson, Joanne Madeline Moore and Jessica Adams will give you a sneak preview of The Sun School at a booked-out Melbourne event on February 9th 2019, but we’ll also show our American, Asian, New Zealand, British, Indian and Canadian readers how it works – right here. If you are in London or Brighton, England, we’ll give you Summer dates for exclusive events so you can attend The Sun Sign School in either city.

About Sun Sign Astrology

Sun Sign Astrology is based on the Solar Sign house system and that is the only difference between this popular, media-friendly kind of horoscope – and personal birth charts. It attracts many millions of people every year, according to Google statistics, and is one of the internet’s most popular search terms.

Jessica Adams (pictured): “Sun Sign Astrology is weather forecasting for people. Call it the human weather. It’s not going to tell you the exact climate for your bedroom, but it will give you a general, good, accurate picture of what it feels like in your region. The other kind of astrology – personal birth charts or natal charts – follows on from that.”

If you are curious about astrology, then listen to this radio interview with Stephanie Johnson from The Sun Sign School here.

Download Charts Wheels Now

Solar Fire Wheels

These are the Solar Fire software chart wheels you will be working with in the first introduction to The Sun Sign School. Together with these, download PDF ebooks and a choice of over ten, TED-style ten-minute talks, you’ll be at the gateway to the rest of the course. This is an affordable (US$100) way into The Sun Sign School to listen to a range of different astrologers, find one who speaks to you, and then sign up for separate, individual tuition with her or him.


Penny Thornton
Learn from Princess Diana’s Personal Astrologer – Penny Thornton

Penny Thornton, formerly with the Royal Ballet Company,  is a world-renowned astrologer and formerly a personal astrologer to Diana, Princess of Wales. Known for her approachable advise about creating good relationships in the workplace, Thornton conducts consultations and prepares personal reports for clients all over the world. Trained at the British Faculty of Astrological Studies, she has written eight books and presented on The Food Network with a daily astrology and cooking segment. She has written for magazines around the world including Who Weekly in Australia. has been an astrologer and writer-broadcaster for over thirty years. Trained at the British Faculty of Astrological Studies and awarded its diploma, she has taught and lectured in Europe, Australia and the US, written eight books and works with clients across the globe. She became a subject of intense media interest in 1992 when her six-year association with Princess Diana came to light.

She combines her work as a serious astrologer with a popular role, writing columns for magazines in England, Poland and Australia and appearing on television. She presented a daily spot on astrology and food for the Food Network in the US in the mid-1990’s. In 2000 she established Astrolutely.com, now one of the top astrology sites in the world.

Joanne Madeline Moore
Learn From Graduates and Professional Career Astrologers like Joanne Madeline Moore

Joanne Madeline Moore has a Practitioner’s Certificate (from the Federation of Australian Astrologers) and a BA degree in journalism (from Deakin University). She has been a professional astrologer and writer since 1994, and was the astrology columnist for Cleo magazine for seven years.

Joanne’s  book ‘Love and Sex Signs’ was originally published by Simon and Schuster, and is now available as an eBook. Her daily, weekly and yearly horoscopes are currently published in over 40 newspapers and magazines (and on websites) in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the South Pacific. (Sales and syndication are handled by her agents Auspac Media and Canadian Artists Syndicate.) Joanne also does personal consultations for celebrity clients.

One of the World’s Most Qualified Astrologers – Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson is one of the most qualified astrologers in the world – and also created the hugely popular Solar Fire software. She specialises in personal and business readings.

Astrologer Stephanie Johnson

BA Journalism
FAA Practitioners Certificate
FAA Diploma
Cert. Medieval Astrology
Master of Science in Esotericism
Co-director of Esoteric Technologies Pty Ltd, the creators and international publishers of the Solar Fire suite of astrology software. Author of the Solar Fire and Solar Writer Astrology Reports

Learn How to Become a Professional Astrologer, Part-Time or Full-Time With Jessica Adams

Jessica has written about astrology for international editions of Elle and Vogue since she graduated from the University of Tasmania with a B.A. in Religious Studies, Ancient Civilisations and Philosophy. Her next book is The Secret Language of the Stars (Penguin/Michael Joseph) published in October 2019. Outside astrology she has been a team editor on the Girls’ Night In and Kids’ Night In series since 2000, helping to raise over $3 million for the children’s charity War Child. She is also an editor and novelist, whose titles include the bestsellers Single White Email, Cool for Cats and I’m a Believer (Black Swan).

Save the Date! April 23rd 2019

*For an affordable US$100 gateway into Sun Sign Astrology, you can download audio, video, PDF ebooks and chart wheels at The Sun Sign School. Listen to leading astrologers from around the world and choose who you would like to sign up with, for personal tuition online.

*Jessica Adams will be offering (for annual Premium Members only) a US$490 course called Multimedia Sun Sign Astrology over 7 months, to commence in April 2019. Additional courses to add on to this core module will be Astrology and Tarot (US$490) and Personal Astrology With Asteroids (US$490). You must complete Multimedia Sun Sign Astrology before taking either of the two following modules.

*You can find out more from Penny and Joanne about their courses and classes, as we get closer to the time. For now, save the date. April 23rd 2019 with a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius, the sign of education, is here to help. See you then!


Read more: jessicaadams.com


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