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The Stylist-Turned-Crystal Shaman Bringing Mysticism to the Fashion Realm


Last year, in her cover story for Vogue’s September issue, Jennifer Lawrence told a harrowing tale about haphazardly removing crystals from a house she had just moved into without consulting someone she called the “crystal lady.” Lawrence’s house flooded.

That story has stayed with me since for a myriad of reasons: firstly because water damage is terrifying, and secondly because, I mean, of course there is a “crystal lady,” and of course she got mentioned in Vogue‘s September issue.

Fashion and mysticism have a longstanding relationship, one that’s only been made stronger — or, at least, more public — in recent years. Lawrence’s dreaded crystals are everywhere, obviously, but so are activities like tarot reading and aura photography, both of which crop up at a not-insignificant amount of of industry events.

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The Soul Retrieval Practice: Shamanic Energy Medicine Healing Sessions

The Soul Retrieval Practice: Shamanic Energy Medicine Healing Sessions.
Author Olivia Weil for Sivanaspirit.com
The whole article can be read here: https://blog.sivanaspirit.com/sp-gn-soul-retrieval-energy-medicine/

About the author: Olivia Weil plays the roles of an NY lawyer turned modern shaman, Energy Medicine Practitioner, spiritual adviser, personal transformation coach, plant-based nutritionist, and writer. She holds post-graduate certification from Cornell University in plant-based nutrition and is passionate about transforming people’s lives from a cellular level, with raw foods, superfoods, superherbs, and cutting-edge health technologies. In the energy medicine space, she was traditionally trained by the Four Winds Society, and shamans of the old—the indigenous medicine peoples of the high Andes. She works with individuals walking alongside them on their Journey of Remembering to awaken their true eternal nature and step into their infinite power. She has an international healing practice, traveling mostly between the Americas, which combines ancient wisdom with modern science.

A Note From Olivia:

For private session work, or for a (free) consultation, please connect with me at Olivia@onelovemedicine.com to schedule a phone convo.

Please feel free to email me, sharing your personal stories and experiences with me. I love hearing how your Journeys are going! Or maybe you just want someone as your sacred witness to what you are going through, or need someone to hold space. I believe in you!

Music by Incompetech.com
Art/Photos by Unsplash and Pixabay.com

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