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The Problem with the Law of Attraction (And a Better Philosophy)


I've seen a lot of this Law of Attraction stuff on the internet and as the title of this video suggests, I don't really buy into it. At the same time, I do believe there is at least some truth to it.

The Law of Attraction basically says that by focusing on positive thoughts, you attract positive events into your life; whereas if you focus on negative thoughts, you will attract negative events into your life. This I don’t dispute and again, I do believe that there is definitely truth to that.

Another aspect of the Law of Attraction is the belief that if you want something, you must visualize it, believe you deserve it and believe you've already received it and then you'll get it. In this video I'd like to tell you why I find this to be problematic. Check out the video here: https://youtu.be/RXWshDMyxAE

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