Using herbs for health concerns is not a new idea.


People have been using herbs for health for thousands of years. In all cultures of the world there is documentation or “old wives tales” of the many uses of herbs. Some of the historical ideas have been proven to have no validity but there are plenty of herbs that have been proven over time to be beneficial to the health of the human body. Some of the old wives did know what they were talking about.

Biblical Herbs For Health

Many scientists and other individuals have started to take a look at the various health herbs that are mentioned in the Bible for their historical use. The Bible tells the history of both the Jewish and Christian faiths and defines healthy living being a part of Godly living. Many scriptures in the Bible talk about herbs that are beneficial. The Old Testament especially talks about the Israelites who lived all over Egypt, the Middle East and Israel. In the times of their travels they were blessed with knowledge and use of such plants as the grape, olive, garlic, leeks, cinnamon, myrrh, pomegranate and aloe. These plants were used for everything from flavoring food to bathing the dead. Many of these plants and herbs are now sold in extract form to treat ailments in the body. Grape seed extract is used as an herb for health in preventing cancer and olive leaf extract has begun to gain popularity for a variety of issues including treating infection and skin conditions.


Other Cultures Using Herbs For Health

There are many more cultures that have a historical use of herbs for health. In Europe the great fathers of modern day medicine found that various plants could be used in teas and poultices to aid in healing. Such products as birch tea, elderberry juice and fern roots were all used as herbs for health in the European lands.

The Asian countries have a great history of herbal health remedies. Green tea is one of the most known remedies that has recently regained popularity and is thought to prevent cancer as well as providing many other benefits. Ginseng and Gingko are also traditional Asian herbs that now are thought to have great health benefits in many areas.

The American Indians also used many plants and herbs for herbal health remedies. Many of these remedies are still unknown but in recent years people have become interested in studying the great heritage of North America and have begun to look into the medicine of the native people. Many native herbs are being rediscovered through the history of the native people and have now been proven to be quite beneficial.

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