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The Number 1 in Numerology is About Leadership


Hi. I’m Carmen Lynne. I’m here with Expert Village. And, we’re discussing numerology. So, we’re going to be going through each number in turn. And, we’re going start with, what do you think? The number one. The number one. Yeah. Of course. This is Lou. He’s back with us again. Hi, everyone. So, the number one, of course, is the first number. And, what does that say about a person who has number one as their number. Well, they tend to be the leader. They tend to be the first. They tend to be, they tend to rise to positions of prominence. Number ones. They can also be a little bit of a loner perhaps you know because they’re doing their own thing. They’re usually very independent. They often can dominate a situation. They’re ruled by the Sun. Every number is ruled by a certain different planet. So, the number ones are ruled by the Sun. And, so every number I’m not going to say any number is good or bad because they all have good and bad within them, of course, like anything, like the astrological signs.

Number one, they tend to start a project that sometimes have difficulty following it through. You might need another number for that for the completion. But, they’re very good at starting projects. So, yes, I think that’s what I have to say about the number one. And, we’ll be right back to talk about the number two.. As found on Youtube


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