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The Michael Hutchence Astrology Chart

I am going to confess something right away here, about Michael Hutchence, and say that I knew and truly liked Paula Yates. I haven’t thought about her, or him, for years – but an audience member at a recent Melbourne astrology event in April 2019 asked me about his astrology birth chart, so we pulled it up on the big screen. I heard myself saying, “That is the chart of someone who went to excess and also played with INXS too.” I’ll repeat to you, what I said to the audience at the time. The accepted version of events is that he took his own life. I told the audience, gazing at that horoscope on the day, not to believe everything they read. And not to believe all you watch on film or television, about the man, either. One look at that Neptune and Moon combination in Michael’s Eighth House of sex and money, legacies and inheritance – and you just know there is a smokescreen waiting to lift. And it will.

I am not saying this because I liked and admired the late, great Paula Yates. She protested that Michael had passed in an accidental act of erotic asphyxiation. Not suicide. Beyond that belief, which I heard her repeat in her kitchen, over a cup of tea – the astrological chart shows enigmas wrapped in mysteries.

Beyond any personal connection (and I will go into that more in a moment) this is an astrological chart which shows shock and truth – regarding Michael’s ‘millions’ as the media calls it – and the nature of his passing in that Sydney hotel room – timed for June to October 2020, April 2021.

Along the way there will be a complete relaunch of his name, face and reputation, putting him in true Aquarian context – with his two bands, INXS and Max Q, but also with his friends. His true friends. His mates. So set aside the biographies and documentaries and television mini-series and the rest. This is astrology talking. With maybe a little bit of personal input fro me, because I find it impossible to discuss Michael’s chart without being honest about the  little connections that are there.We’re about to see Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all pass over Michael’s dazzling Sun at 1 Aquarius – and that begins at Christmas 2020. This is a shock waiting to happen regarding his inheritance, will and legacy. It is also a rebirth not possible in two centuries.

Looking at the Michael Hutchence Natal Chart

As you can see, below, even with just a fraction of the asteroids I usually use, shown, we have a hugely ambitious man, overloaded with Capricorn factors (the mountain goat who climbs to the top of the mountain). No wonder Michael was known for wearing heavy hiking-style boots! He may have been strongly Sagittarian too (see planets clustered at the very peak of the wheel) and thus a natural traveller, writer, reader, student of life and world citizen – but he was a climber. 


Michael Hutchence natal chart
Born in Sydney, Born to Go to Excess

The data here has been collected by Sy Schofield, from a birth notice in The Sydney Morning Herald for baby Michael. We do not have a time, but even if we used the very first minute of the 22nd January 1960, or the last, he would still be a Sun Aquarian. This is the person who feeds the group. That is what Aquarius does. He/she ‘bears the water’ to help the community pool resources. It’s about bands, charities, political parties, secret societies and the rest. Michael was truly there.

The brilliant, much under-rated Max Q with the wonderful Ollie Olsen, who I met and interviewed many years ago for an Australian music magazine, was a good example of Michael’s Aquarian spirit come to life.

Michael’s disputed will is also a famously disputed legacy – to causes like Greenpeace and Amnesty International – whom he wanted to benefit from his money – but I can also tell you something Paula told me, in her Notting Hill home, after a mutual friend had introduced us.

Michael had a strong, personal interest in helping good humanitarian causes – less glamorous or starry than, say, Live Aid –  that the public never saw. This is typically Aquarian. He was not a saint. Absolutely not – this is the chart of The Devil Inside. Yet, it is also the horoscope of someone who will ‘feed’ groups decades into the future. And his money will do that. Just as it was always intended to. Watch the cycles of astrological time! We are going to see one challenge after another. One shock after another. The horoscope suggests this will be a global-local situation. So what happens in the news, triggers it.


The Life and Death of Michael Hutchence

Michael arrived at the Mater Hospital in Sydney at the start of the 1960’s. His life on earth ended in Double Bay, in a hotel where I had interviewed Bob Geldof years before, on a solo tour. As a lot of you know, before I became a professional astrologer and psychic, I was a music editor and journalist. When he passed, a friend of mine – a bestselling novelist, laid flowers and a note that the television cameras picked up. To this day she does not believe Michael committed suicide. Neither do I. I said as much to the audience at the Victorian Astrological Association.

His departure haunted me, I guess you could say, it haunted me the whole time I knew Paula. I wrote a novel about the spirit world as a result of that strange period in my life, called I’m A Believer – and paid thousands of dollar, for the right to reproduce the lyrics to Never Tear Us Apart, because Michael even found his way into a chapter of the book.  That money went from my publisher to Chardonnay Investments, well-known to readers of Hutchence biographies – and that brings in a couple of ‘diamond’ figures twinkling in the Hutchence financial horoscope. One of the novels had a misprint in it, which strangely appeared between final proofs and the printing press. It featured his name. Mike. Strange but true…The line was ‘make mine a double’ but it ran as ‘mike mine a double.’ The correct version is below, but the misprint always had me wondering. Were the Diamonds the ‘double’ for Mike?


I’m A Believer and INXS – Never Tear Us Apart
The Michael Hutchence Myth and Mystery

In astrology, the planet Neptune is a symbol for drugs, alcohol, prescribed drugs – and also mystery. Sea mist, fog and confusion. Distortion and illusion. Smoke and mirrors.

When I said I was haunted by Michael after he passed, I mean it. When I was taking calls on The Spook Show, a high-rating radio program on Sydney station 2SM, back at the end of 1997 – all manner of strange things happened to the gear in the studio when a caller asked me, outright, if he had committed suicide.

I am sure you know the story about this coroner-confirmed ‘suicide’, often repeated in the media and consented to, by so many of Michael’s inner circle.

Michael was depressed, the story runs. He had lost some of his five precious senses, and for a sensualist, that was a hard thing to bear. His relationship with Paula Yates and the  conflict with Bob Geldof over their children, and his own new daughter, little Tiger, had all contributed to his sad and lonely suicide, hanging off the back of a hotel room door in Double Bay, Sydney. The New South Wales coroner (and author of yet another book with Michael’s face on the cover), Derek Hand, confirmed it. So there you are. That’s the version most often heard or read these days. Perhaps you accept that too. The majority does.

Paula Yates, Sun in Taurus Legend

Paula Yates was just 41, a legendary Sun Taurus with  expensive taste – fabulous collectors’ item clothes, paintings to covet, jewellery to love –  and a richly Bohemain home in Notting Hill – when she ultimately passed away, with an accidental heroin overdose, in September 2000. Like most Sun Taurus people she had a genuine nose for charity and a powerful hand in good causes. It was her instincts that helped kickstart Live Aid and Band Aid. She supported Bob Geldof throughout that long campaign.

I can still remember Paula’s home. Dazzling shabby chic decor in glorious colour (long before chandeliers and violet walls became mainstream), a fluffy new kitten climbing the curtains – and a Balenciaga ballgown in a cardboard box in the hallway, which the kitten had been sleeping in.

Somewhere, a child from Paula’s brood was standing on a chair singing a song of her own composition, and the air was rich with Joy, Paula’s favourite perfume. Typical Sun Taurus. The costliest perfume in the world! This poster below, from Michael’s wonderful solo album, released after he had passed, was on Paula’s kitchen wall. It starred among her original art works.

Vesta and a World of Female in Michael’s Horoscope

Tiger was adopted by Geldof and brought up with her half-sisters in London, as so many books, programs and documentaries have recorded, in a story where truth is often stranger than fiction. This leads me to a key point about  Michael’s horoscope. Thanks to a powerful little asteroid, we have plenty of women. Many, many girls and women. You can see Vesta at 9 Sagittarius in the Ninth House. That is a symbol for one male and many females – often within a family – but also, more obviously, in Michael’s private sexual life. Vesta at 9 degrees Sagittarius is exactly in aspect to Neptune, at 9 Scorpio. The planet of mystery. Smoke screens and clouds. No wonder the song Mystify is so associated with Michael. Vesta so often brings ‘a world of female’ into men’s lives. It’s almost a rule if there are strong patterns in the chart involving this asteroid. What is really striking, though, is the level of distortion. This is why I look at the chart and tell astrology fans and students, “Don’t believe what you read. Don’t believe what ends up on camera about this man.”

Legacies and Inheritances and Two Diamond Geezers

Scorpio rules legacies and inheritance. Tiger was expected to inherit a large portion of her father’s fortune when she turned 21, however documents unearthed in the Paradise Papers, which blew the lid off the private financial lives of the famous, indicate Tiger may have missed out on royalties. This brings in questions about the two twinkling diamonds in the Eighth House of Michael’s astrology chart. Colin Diamond and brother Steve Diamond. They are shown by Neptune and the Moon in the Eighth House. It is this Neptune-Moon combination which is about to be hit by Uranus, right opposite.

Michael could have been born just a few minutes into 22nd January 1960 or right at the end of the day, as the 23rd January beckoned. He would still have had Neptune at 9 Scorpio. That means we can time the lightning bolts to come in his finances.

Michael’s Moon would also have been in Scorpio, at any point between 0 degrees, in his chart. It would have been at 9 degrees, exactly conjunct his Neptune, had he been born around 4.00pm. It had moved to 13 Scorpio by close of day. That tells you everything you need to know about the future of his royalties, for example, as well as any other assets which can be found.

Expect jaws on the floor, revelation and revolution. Uranus is going to move across Taurus, right opposite Scorpio (and both signs rule money) and trigger Michael’s chart between now (April 2019) and April 2021. Along the way, as you might have guessed, Uranus will approach Paula Yates’s Sun in Taurus. She’ll shine in a new way for us, then. We’ll think about her in a radical new way. She’ll be reborn – name, face, photographs, film, writing – the entire Taurus spectrum. Wait for that.

The Family and the Legacy – Rhett Hutchence

Michael’s half sister Tina Schorr and their brother Rhett may be drawn into the story along with other beneficiaries of the legacy. The legacy in astrological terms is not just about Michael’s money or music royalties to come as his fame and legend grows. It is also about his values. What he refused to sell his soul for. What he considered to be precious to the point of being priceless. Chardonnay Investments indeed –  Chardonnay is a pure symbol of Neptune, the planet which rules alcohol and other substances. Watch what happens when Uranus crashes right opposite Neptune in  Michael’s chart at 9 degrees. Within two years that cycle will peak.

According to The Daily Telegraph in Sydney, Michael’s “villa in the south of France, a house in London, properties on the Gold Coast and a development in Indonesia were not included on the executor’s list during various legal battles.”

The paper went on to record that the Paradise Papers expose of the tax-avoidance ploys of the rich and famous, had uncovered documents which revealed lawyer “Mr Diamond” as the beneficiary of Hutchence’s assets through his offshore company – the rather Neptunian, Chardonnay Investments.

This is where the story comes full circle for me, as a reasonable chunk of my book advance from Transworld/Black Swan went on paying that company, Chardonnay Investments, for the right to republish lines from Never Tear Us Apart in my novel. So, this is more than just an objective natal chart analysis for me. In a very tiny way, I’m in this story about Neptune too.

This Neptune/finance/charity story around Michael also continued in a small, personal way for me – with the involvement of INXS and Bob Geldof (separately, of course) in a charity anthology I edited with Maggie Alderson, Nick Earls and Imogen Edwards-Jones called Big Night Out, published by Penguin, in aid of the children’s fund War Child.

The band and Geldof all contributed generously to the book, which helped to raise millions across a long-running series. I got to know INXS drummer, Jon Fariss, along the way. Again and again in the little twists of fate that have taken me closer to Michael’s world since the Nineties, I’ve found the same themes. Charity. Money. Taurus and Scorpio. And it’s about to go off.

The Cycles of Time in a Double Bay Hotel

The Daily Telegraph went on to report,  in the same story about Michael, the band, his daughter and Paula: “With royalties also due from INXS’ 50 million record sales, there is speculation that Tiger Lily is missing out on a fortune.” This brings me full circle to the question of charity and Michael (charity being an Eighth House matter) and the Concert for Life saga. That Neptune pattern in the Eighth House of money can play itself out in all kinds of ways. It was an intensely confusing time and the band, including the charming Kirk Pengilly, whom I spoke to, spent a very long week clearing it up.

Horoscopes do work after we pass: the soul goes on. Your own chart will go on ticking away once you leave the planet.

If you are looking at the ‘accepted’ suicide of Michael in Double Bay, you also have to look at the entire Eighth House in context, with that Moon and Neptune pattern there in his birth chart. We know the date is verified, if not the time. Yet, even without a time of actual birth, the horoscope is still powerfully accurate. So…What cycles were passing over the Ritz-Carlton in Double Bay when Michael left us?

Scorpio – Sex and Death – To the Last Breath

Scorpio is a symbol of sex and death which you may be curious about, if you also have it in your chart, in a particularly strong pattern. We associate it with passion – sexual obsession – so powerful that people are prepared to risk dying for it.

The ancient astrologers had a sense of dry humour. Scorpions who mate can sting each other to death, or cannibalise each other! This imagery in our horoscope work goes back 2000+ years. At one point Scorpio and the Eighth House were associated with the idea of sexually transmitted, fatal illness – via a mere saliva exchange in a kiss. After Pluto moved to Scorpio, in the Eighties, this sign became associated with H.I.V. and AIDS. It was about other bodily fluids, but still broadcast the idea that scorpions will risk dying for sex. Perhaps – killing each other, for it.

Today in our 21st century astorlogy we have to cover the entire spectrum of Scorpio sexuality. That means, as Paula Yates pointed out, erotic asphyxiation. It is sometimes described as ‘breathtaking’ sex, in the sense that there is actually choking or strangulation taking place at orgasm.

Scorpio is dark. It has always been intensely dark. That is why if you wander into a Roman church today you will see the 12 signs of the zodiac laid out on a marble floor, heading towards the altar – with the sign of the scorpion concealed beneath a pillar. The sting is in the tail. It is a peculiar symbol of desire played out over every breath taken – until the last breath. It is often hidden, like the sting. And the tail itself. It hides. It has to.

Sex Magick and Scorpio Chart Patterns

Sex magic/magick, erotic exploration that takes the breath away, quite literally – and even darker concerns than that – are Scorpio’s domain. For the first time in our adult lives, Uranus in Taurus is about to take seven long years to pull all this out of the shadows, in our society.

The recent exposure of the Roman Catholic church and child sexual abuse is a small part of that lightning strike on the darkness in human sexuality, as you will have seen – if you have been following some of the astrology features on this website. I am not the only horoscope writer to point it out.

I am not saying this is true for every person or even organisation with strong Scorpio patterns in the Eighth House but it happens often enough to be worth noting. The sexuality can be covered up, for whatever reason.

Scorpio poses the moral and ethical question: at what point does sexual obsession and passion consume our fellow human beings to the point where a line has been crossed so far that there is no going back for the soul or spirit? It’s a fair question.

Neptune in Scorpio is really about myth, mystery and sometimes smoke clouds, or wafting smoke screens – related to matters of sex and death, money and legacy. It absolutely dominates Michael’s birth chart.

Was this a man who was spiralling down so badly that he allegedly left cigarettes or joints burning his fingers? Puff after puff surrounds Michael’s name and reputation, wafting in the breeze from Sydney to London, clouding judgement and mystifying anyone with an open mind. And a copy of his chart to look at.

Aquarius and Capricorn in the Michael Hutchence Chart

I mentioned Michael’s great, humanitarian, genuinely friendly Aquarius Sun. He is sometimes described as being on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius, so a bit of both signs – group-minded but also heavily ambitious.

In fact he was a pure Sun Aquarian born with factors across 6-28 Capricorn in his Tenth House of success, ambition, achievement, social mountaineering and the rest. He became an international superstar after starting his career in suburban Australian pubs, where so many amazing bands in that country started out.

The Divinyls, Chrissy Amphlett and Michael Hutchence

I saw Michael in the legendary Kings Cross hotel The Piccadilly one night at a gig with a famous Hollywood actor. They were having an absolute blast making joke heavy metal ‘devil’s horn’ signs. All very Scorpio. Michael was taking this Hollywood star around town, showing him the pubs Sydney locals all knew and loved – where another band, Divinyls, who I would later have a connection with (I told you this was a personal story!) got their start. Chrissy Amphlett and Michael Hutchence, together and with their own brilliant bands, made the concert Australian Made for so many people.

Michael was a gregarious Aquarian, genuinely liked his fellow human beings with all their diversity –  and has left a long trail of photographs, memories, mementoes and little treasures to such friends, some of whom he hardly knew at all. A novelist I know has a handbag he gave her with a Polaroid inside it. He was fond of Polaroids.

In early stories about the night he passed away in that very expensive hotel in Double Bay, there were reports of polaroids of Paula Yates scattered on the carpet around him. Polaroids are also ruled by Neptune. Did you know? When they are in the development stage, they are clouded images waiting to form. Neptune is right across this terribly sad story.

The Jupiter Return of 2019 in Michael’s Afterlife

In 2019 Michael has his Jupiter Return in Sagittarius. It crosses his Ninth House of publishing, the worldwide web, foreign people and places, beliefs of all kinds, education and academia, later this year. It will also cross his Venus, next to Jupiter, which seems tremendously healing and helpful in terms of the women he left behind; not only his great loves, but also the small girls, now all grown up, from both the Geldof and Hutchence-Yates families. Jupiter is about repair.

More than anything else, though, it is really that Moon and Neptune combination in Scorpio we should keep our eyes on, for those of us with an open mind. I happen to believe the mystery remains. I do not think it has been cleared up. From an astrologer’s point of view, it will be, when the time is right, and that time is fast approaching as I write this in April 2019. Uranus, that ancient astrological symbol of lightning strikes, electrical storms, liberation, liberty and freedom – is crashing right across Michael’s birth chart in the short-term. We are going to see the world economy turn upside-down, likely through headlines similar to the Panama Papers – at the same time that Michael’s ‘two worlds’ of money, property, royalties, business and the rest collide. In this sense his spirit will be set free.

The birth horoscope tells me until then, everything in Michael’s Eighth House remains circled in cigarette or marijuana smoke rings, lost in the fog, seen through the lens of Neptune, the planet we associate with water, alcohol and yes – Chardonnay.

Of all the many biographies on sale, this one by Vince Lovegrove, above, (who also knew Chrissy Amphlett very well) is the most interesting from an astrological point of view. Why? Because Michael has a Mona Lisa smile on the cover. Mystery. It is also slightly misty. That mist will clear, by all the laws of astrology, with everything and everybody revealed in the financial frame – so clearly – starting in June 2020. That is just over 12 months into the future as I write this. I’m playing devil’s advocate for a man who sang about ‘the devil inside.’ What do you think?







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