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The Julian Assange Astrology Chart


The Julian Assange Astrology Chart

Julian Assange was born with the Sun in Cancer, the sign of the true patriot, which is interesting, given so many people call him a traitor. I suppose the question here is – which country are you patriotic to? He is Australian, born on the 3rd day of July, one day before the United States of America, born on the 4th day of July.

Countries have astrological charts too. Assange’s Sun is conjunct (aligned with) America’s Sun, in that 4th of July chart.

More intriguing astrological facts about this mystery man: He was played by another famous face with the Sun in Cancer, award-winning actor Benedict Cumberbatch, in the film The Fifth Estate.

This classic Time magazine cover illustrates – perfectly – the main themes of Assange’s horoscope. It’s about freedom of speech, which we associate with Gemini and Sagittarius, the signs ruling his personal birth chart. It’s also about the United States.

How Astrology Predicted the April 2019 Crisis

The data for the Julian Assange astrology chart here is taken from Assange’s autobiography and held at Astrodienst, as part of the Schofield collection. This 3rd July 1971 birthday, reckoned at 3.00pm, in Townsville, Queensland shows us a man whose future astrological ‘weather’ forecast is easy to predict. (See Julian Assange natal chart further below, from astro.com).

What is less predictable is what he will do with that weather! Give the command to dump the biggest Wikileak yet on the world? If so, astrology has some hints about the dates. In fact, one has to question the entire set-up behind his London departure (with beard) – and the usual hand signals.

Oh, you didn’t notice those? The mainstream media tends not to, but astrology does, because Assange may be a Cancerian but he is a classic Sagittarius-Gemini type. And that’s the Bletchley Park signature. This goes beyond HTML into all kinds of coding and in the flash of the camera, you should really note how often Assange’s hands do the talking!

Here is that prediction, which is date-stamped: 

As you saw on this website on 2nd January 2019, “The biggest challenge yet for Wikileaks and Julian Assange” was scheduled by April 17th. His arrest took place on April 11th. The stars aligned for a crisis – yet by the time the North Node and South Node of karma return to meet Julian’s horoscope between October 5th 2021 and January 18th 2022, it will also be a breakthrough.

The Karma of January 2022

In astrology, everything is a matter of time. Perhaps that is why an hour-glass appears in a painting (below) that bears a strange resemblance to Assange himself – which we can look at in a moment.

The timing of what we might call ‘not instant karma’ for Assange in terms of Wikileaks comes to him between January 1st to 13th 2022, in fated patterns not possible in 19 years. That is when the North Node and South Node wheel around his chart to go to the exact spots in Sagittarius-Gemini which dominate his chart. It is the chart of a born author, mouthpiece, code breaker and code master. I find it interesting that Julian Assange has chosen to use his chart that way. Many others were born on 3rd July 1971 with that pattern, but he has chosen a unique, dangerous and difficult path.

Is Julian Assange Using an Old Painting as Secret Code?

I spend a lot of time photographing paintings in Rome, Paris, London and New York for astrology workshops. As soon as the footage and shots of Julian Assange’s arrest came in, I thought I recognised this, below (Flickr).  What do you think? Is this a huge coincidence, or has Assange cultivated a beard and bald head – and plotted specific hand gestures for the cameras – in preparation for arrest? It shows a Carthusian monk, who seems to have a message for us, locked in time.

World media like The Globe and Mail, CNN and The Daily Star have all given these images a good run, below, and it’s fascinating to see how Assange’s arrest has been reported across all these outlets. Traitor or whistleblower hero? These images have gone viral, right around the internet – from Pinterest, to Twitter and beyond. In astrology, code is associated with Sagittarius-Gemini and Assange has those signs dominating his chart. I find these pictures fascinating.

They may have begun with a code that meant something to both painter and subject. So…with his Gemini-Sagittarius chart dominance and that leaning towards word play, word games, tricks and double-meanings of all kinds – are we seeing something more than just a ‘random’ new look and ‘spontaneous’ set of finger gestures here?


Assange as monk? Pinterest.
The Globe and Mail coverage of Assange.








Julian Assange as Fercoldo the Carthusian Monk

Anyone watching Assange’s media coverage who also knows astrology – will have realised, long ago, that he uses hand gestures likely as code for his Wikileaks colleagues and/or others involved with the whistleblowing organisation.

The arrest has coincided with a complete monastic makeover, so why?  In a moment I’ll look at the way Mercury (the messenger planet) moves in mysterious ways in Julian Assange’s astrology chart.

Here are some more photographs: the point being, the full painting of the long-gone monk Fercoldo features all kinds of clues, including books, an hour-glass (with the sands of time running slowly) and a skull. Even if this is a staggering coincidence, it is the kind of synchronicity that Carl Jung might have marvelled at. Carthusians, for the record, spent much of their time, alone and in silence. So what are you seeing?


Flickr. Fercoldo the Carthusian.

How the Julian Assange Horoscope Shows us Donald Trump

As you will know if you are across your astrology, there is no confirmed birth chart for Donald Trump, as the authorities (and we, the public) have been supplied with two completely different birth dates. There are also two different birth times (one contradicts his mother).

Yet, we can see Trump and particularly the after-effects of the Mueller enquiry into Trump Russia, in the ‘birth’ charts for the United States, which thankfully history has given to us. There are a few astrology charts for the U.S.A. but all of them show the same thing. A perfect storm with Assange in 2019-2020.

There is a connection here with Assange, across all the horoscopes. The Daily Star photographs, below, do appear to have a story to tell, beyond these amazing images. This is unlikely to be any sign language that would be universally recognised, however. Instead, what we have here, is probably verging on Da Vinci Code mystery.


The Daily Star
Predicted Three Months Before it Happened – Wikileaks and the White House

Astrology is information for the people. In a world of ‘fake news’ and endless cover-ups,  the horoscopes can give us other angles. Thus,  this is what you read on this website back on 18th February 2019.

I ran a prediction that there would be Wikileaks revelations and resignations at the White House by April 17th. Assange was arrested just short of this date. Here’s the story: it is date-stamped for all you sceptics out there! 

“Is Donald Trump a Gemini?” (18th February 2019)

“It’s hard to know if Donald is Gemini or Cancer as he has filed two different birth dates with the authorities, but assuming he is a Gemini – and so is his partner Mike Pence – we can safely predict that the greatest turmoil yet seen (and we have seen a lot), arrives with the February Supermoon and continues until the middle of April. Wikileaks will be involved, as ‘leaks’ is a Pisces word  (Pisces rules all forms of water from dripping taps to oceans) – and astrology runs on such symbolism. There may be more leaking, actually, from all sectors of Washington. Not just Julian Assange.”

“If Donald is genuinely born in June, not July, as he has claimed, then this Supermoon and Mercury Retrograde in his Tenth House of career spells total mayhem. Prediction: If in fact Donald was born in June, not July, as he claims – then the Trump chaos spikes on February 19th and continues until April 17th with Wikileaks revelations and further resignations at the White House. There will be flooding, storms, sink holes or leaks affecting the White House or Trump Towers.”

Flooding, Storms, Sink Holes or Leaks at the White House or Trump Towers

Astrology is a strange, alternative kind of timekeeping and it often shows us the weather, or the landscape, reflecting what is going on in the horoscope. So as I write this on April 12th, stay tuned.

If a gigantic bubbling chasm opens up on the White House lawns over the next five days, or the water gushes in, you’ll know the universe is showing its sense of humour again. We’re talking about a Neptune/Mercury cycle in Pisces here, after all, which rules sink holes and floods. And of course leaks – is this a secret information leak, below? 


CNN coverage

Julian Assange and the Story of Saturn in Gemini

I edited an erotica anthology called In Bed With (Penguin) some years ago with Kathy Lette – and I am sure I remember this correctly – she cycled off after lunch, to visit Julian Assange after one of our many editorial meetings. If memory serves me correctly, I also scribbled SATURN IN GEMINI in big capitals in the back of one of my diaries afterwards. Why? I just had to look the horoscope up. And the Assange  astrological birth chart is textbook.

Saturn (hard karma, heavy burdens) in Gemini (the internet, the media, code, information, computers) is the entire story with Assange because he has chosen to base his life around it. It’s a personal choice. Many other July babies with this chart did not.

In Julian Assange’s birth chart, we find Saturn at 1 Gemini, lined up with Neptune at 0 Sagittarius, right opposite. Astrologers have long seized on this clash in the birth chart, as  Neptune (illusion, confusion, deception) is in Sagittarius (foreign countries). Neptune clashes with Saturn, the planet of heavy loads, in Gemini – almost exactly.

If the 3.00pm birth time is correct then Julian Assange was also born with the Ascendant at 2 Sagittarius, which would fit – as the Ascendant describes image and appearance, and he is very publicly the Australian in London who Ecuador just showed the door, who has been linked to Russia, as well as (of course) the United States and all its heavyweights.

This is the Julian Assange natal chart, below, from Astrodienst, set for 3rd July 1971 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia at 3.00pm. You can see the opposition between Neptune at 0 Sagittarius in the 9pm position on the wheel and Saturn opposite at 1 Gemini in the 3pm position. This is the opposition he has chosen to live his life by and that is why karma will call when the Nodes in their cycles wheel around to 0/1 Gemini and Sagittarius from January 1st to 13th, 2022.


Julian Assange natal chart astro.com
Destiny and Fate at Work in 2019-2020

The pattern at 0-1 Gemini-Sagittarius in Assange’s chart, is of course being triggered in a cycle not possible in over 80 years: Uranus in Taurus. The planet of revolution, shock, freedom, independence and liberation is moving right over 0, 1 degrees in April 2019. Taurus rules banks and money laundering. The super-rich. Tax avoidance and also ‘filthy lucre’ in a laundromat.

In a moment I will line up the specific dates to watch here, because there is more to this Assange story than meets the eye. It is about one man affecting the global enquiry into money laundering. If you’re across your astrology you’ll know this has been a hot topic since May 2018 when Uranus first changed signs – and Her Majesty the Queen gave royal assent to the Magnitsky Amendment on Money Laundering. When Uranus went back into Taurus in March 2019, Prince Charles found his charity implicated in a money laundering question.

Astrology clocks these kinds of things, even if large sections of the media do not.

Why all these links with Assange? It’s in the horoscopes. As you’ve read repeatedly on this website (for example, in this prediction made 11 months ago) the astrology for 2019-2020 clearly shows we are heading for a massive clean-up of the bank laundromats around the world, and this – together with the arrival of Blockchain in 2018 – is going to give all of us a very bumpy ride between now and 2020. The pattern hooks in exactly with Assange’s chart, which is triggered in April 2019.

Allowing for a one degree orb, what we are seeing here is one face (admittedly with a terrible new white beard) with a karmic and cosmic connection to Global Financial Crisis II. Because by all the laws of astrology it’s been evolving, on and off, since May 2018 and from April 2019 it’s going to become a way of life for the next seven years. We’ll have to dance in the storm. Julian Assange is part of that weather pattern, thanks to that strange 0-1 signature in his chart.

Fate and World Finance 2019-2020

What we are watching here is a timeline showing unusual clusters around 0, 1, 2 degrees of the planets and asteroids, as well as other horoscope factors.

History and astrology tell us that whenever this happens (and people like Assange are drawn in, via their horoscopes and free will, of course) we see a perfect storm. I will list the dates for you, below, so you can check your personal birth chart if you are a Premium Member, to see if you are also pulled into the ‘winds of change’ as the astrologer Patric Walker used to call them.

Astrology is really about personal and universal. Maybe you’re in this story too – at a distance – through six degrees of separation. For whatever reason, Julian Assange has chosen to plunge himself right into the eye of the storm. We are about to see a wealth of vast financial organisations and institutions, all founded with factors at 1-2 degrees, also face the weather. We have not seen Uranus and Chiron sweep over 1-2 degrees of Taurus and Aries in our adult lives. In April and May 2019, we will.

April and May 2019 – The First Lightning Bolts in The Perfect Storm

Bitcoin shows Pluto at 1 Capricorn, Mercury at 2 Aquarius
Mastercard shows Venus at 2 Capricorn, Ceres at 1 Cancer
Visa shows Jupiter at 1 Scorpio, Neptune at 2 Scorpio
American Express shows Mercury at 2 Pisces, Mars at 1 Cancer
The Standard Bank shows Neptune at 1 Aries, Chiron at 2 Pisces
The ANZ shows Neptune at 2 Aquarius
The NAB shows Mercury at 2 Scorpio
The HSBC shows the North Node at 1 Scorpio and South Node at 1 Taurus
Natwest shows Jupiter at 2 Scorpio, Saturn at 2 Taurus
The CBA shows Jupiter at 2 Sagittarius, Chiron at 2 Pisces
The Bank of England reveals Sun 0 Cancer, Pluto 0 Leo, Mars at 2 Virgo, Saturn at 1 Capricorn. That’s a pattern!
The Bank of Scotland (thanks to Anne Whitaker) shows Pluto at 2 Leo
The Royal Bank of Scotland, out of interest, founded by Royal Charter, shows Pluto at 2 Libra. Watch the Royal Family.

Exact Timing for the Assange-Bank Perfect Storm

The last time we saw this cycle, the known world turned upside-down during the Second World War. Now that we are seeing not only Uranus cross 0-1 Taurus, but also Chiron cross 0-1 Aries – followed by Jupiter at 0-1 Capricorn – we can literally bank on a year we will never forget. Because – this is going to be about the banks. Assange is the midwife, if you like.

I am using astrologer and author Robert Hand’s rules here, from Planets in Transit  which professional astrologers like me have been working with for many decades. Hand’s approach, is to track the faster-moving inner planets to time the slow-moving outer planets – and other heavenly bodies. It works extremely well for pro prediction.

On these dates,  below, a global perfect storm involving money laundering and/or blockchain will break around the world and both Julian Assange and Wikileaks will play their part. This is 0-1 degree astrological weather of a most unusual kind, below:

Thursday April 18th, Friday April 19th 2019
Sunday April 21st, Monday April 22nd, Tuesday April 23rd 2019 

There will be more shockwaves of change as Mercury crosses 0, 1, 2 Taurus on Tuesday May 7th, Wednesday May 8th, 2019, followed by Venus at 0, 1 Taurus on Thursday 16th, Friday 17th May a few days later. This is within 24 hours of the Australian election. Isn’t it remarkable that Assange met his crisis, while the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was busy calling the next election? Now, if only we had a time of birth for P.M. Morrison we could line that up too (we don’t).

Do watch Mercury and the Sun at 1, 2 Gemini, hitting Assange’s chart exactly, on May 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 2019. This is not the next high point of the story, but it matters as we go forward in time.

The Julian Assange Horoscope in 2020

If we’re watching fate and fortune for Assange in 2020, we really have to begin with Christmas 2019. Why? Uranus, the planet of sudden events, release, relief, liberation, independence and above all – revolution – swings back in, during December.

Uranus rules shock for a reason – we are lulled into a false sense of security when it goes away from a horoscope hotspot, only to have our jaws on the floor when it slowly moves back – and announces itself with an electrical storm and lightning bolt.

This is set to happen between December 14th 2019 and February 8th 2020. Chiron, the other culprit in this unique drama, lines up with Uranus within the same time-frame. We find Uranus at 2 Taurus and Chiron at 1, 2 Aries.

Jupiter moves to 0, 1, 2 Capricorn from December 3rd to 16th 2019, so this narrows down the timing for us.

(By the way, if you are looking for a cover-up, look back to January 21st, 2018 when we saw an eclipse at 0 Leo/0 Aquarius. That’s a big one. And every eclipse in history has always been a cover-up!)

The astrological weather gathers speed and becomes most intense for Julian Assange, Wikileaks and his one-man impact on the new world money laundromat crisis,  on December 10th, 11th, 12th 2019. That is when Mercury crosses 0, 1, 2 Sagittarius, hitting Assange’s chart exactly – and that is when the world will find out if he is a traitor or a free speech hero. Keep asking questions at that point. And here’s another reason to do so:

Great Britain, MI6 and MI5

The horoscope hotspot for Great Britain connected to this historic story in all our lives (remember, it takes over 80 years for Uranus to go through Taurus, the bank sign) is Pisces 2, 3.

This hotspot pans out across three horoscopes for Great Britain between 1066 and 1801. When we see Pisces weather at 2, 3 degrees, we always see drama involving British spies.

On April 22nd 1964, for example, Britain had a spy swap with the Russians. Greville Wynne was exchanged for Gordon Lonsdale, a KGB spymaster. Saturn was at 2, 3 Pisces.

On August 12th 1964, Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond (Agent 007) passed away. He had also been Assistant to the head of Naval Intelligence during the war. Saturn was at 2, 3 Pisces. Sometimes the universe has a sense of humour, though we have to wonder how many serious wartime secrets passed with him.

On January 8th 1961 five spies were arrested for passing secrets from the British Navy’s Underwater Warfare Establishment with suspicions of Russian involvement. Venus was at 3 Pisces, Ceres had just passed 2, 3 Pisces.

This is very close to that 0, 1 hotspot in the birth chart and as Uranus hovers around 2 degrees of Taurus for a long time, we are all in this for the long haul. Assange will very likely be part of this ‘usual suspects’ spy story as it comes around again, with all eyes on that Node transit of January 2022.

So. There is a reason why Assange has turned up in London making peculiar hand signals and looking like an Italian monk. It affects all of us, too, at a distance, as what he and Wikileaks are being drawn into, in the months of April and May 2019, is set to turn the financial world upside-down for some time to come. I am writing this on April 12th, but within days, we are going to see some shocks. I’ll leave you with a final question – why do you think the House of Commons suffered a sudden water leak, on the night that legislation stopping ‘No Deal’ was rushed through by one vote?

Is this another coded Wikileaks joke or is the astrological universe amusing itself at our expense? If anyone knows, it’s Assange.



Read more: jessicaadams.com


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