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The India Astrology Chart


The India Astrology Chart

Modern India was born on 26th January 1950 when she became independent.

She has her own Hindu astrology, but in the West, India would be considered Aquarian. Born with the Sun in Aquarius, the sign of the water-bearer. It’s interesting that access to clean water is a national obsession and in fact, images of water jugs and pitchers are iconic across the nation. Even the goddess Lakshmi carries an urn. The Aquarius imagery is strong.

In astrology, Aquarius is associated with the water-bearer who supplies the community with what it needs. Aquarius is associated with people pooling resources together. There is a second possible chart for India, which makes her a Leo nation, but its her modern incarnation which seems to fit her best.

Aquarius is very much about the team and the tribe. Diversity and equality. India is famous around the world for her cricket teams and it is, in fact, the nation’s most popular sport.

The Future of India – Horoscope Signs and Clues

The India astrological chart shows not only the Sun in Aquarius but also the Moon in Taurus. This is a cosmic joke, as sacred cows are at the heart of the old country. What happens when Uranus, the planet of revolution, moves into Taurus from mid-May 2018? Instant economic climate change. You can see the Moon in Taurus in this basic Astrodienst chart for India, sitting on 5 degrees. It is exactly square India’s Sun at 5 Aquarius.

This is interesting because the first important aspect that Uranus makes in his new sign of Taurus, will be a square to Mars in Aquarius. Watch what happens with cryptocurrency and blockchain in particular in India, and her trade agreements, near this date – Wednesday 16th May. It’s a hint about the future, as from Christmas 2019, Jupiter and Saturn will begin to pass through Aquarius, and from 2023, Pluto will be in Aquarius too.

Put that together with the Uranus in Taurus transit and I’m sure you can see that economic people power and community currency will change the nation. In fact, India will be unrecognisable within a few years.

She also has Uranus at 1 Cancer and Uranus at 1 Taurus will make a perfect sextile to this placement by June 2018. In the space of just a few weeks, tremendous new freedom and independence will come her way. All change!

Equality, Diversity, Community

When Vogue India celebrated its ninth anniversary in 2016, a classically Aquarian image appeared on the front cover. A group of women, from different cultural and racial tribes, all together – with a headline that ran, BEAUTY IN DIVERSITY. This strong message will be pushed through India as she goes through a historic chain of patterns in Aquarius, her own sign, from the end of 2019, with greater intensity from 2023.

As a new nation born in 1950, she simply hasn’t experienced the triple, rolling transit of Jupiter, Saturn and then Pluto in Aquarius before. She’s never been through Uranus in Taurus, either. These two signs together are really about bringing people from all backgrounds together, to experiment with radical new ways of making or saving money. That moment when Uranus reaches 5 Taurus will be unforgettable. New India, new economy, new future. As I write this on 28th April 2018, India is also set to see Chiron in Aries cross over her Ascendant and Node in aggressive Aries. She’s already in the Nuclear Club. This unique nation seems certain to remind the world of that, sooner than the planet might prefer. What do you think?

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