So a couple of months ago I came into contact with a self proclaimed Shaman who told me that everything that happens in dreams is the opposite to what has been or is going to happen in “reality” on earth, except for special, prophetic or message dreams that you would be able to discern. This concept confused me as it doesn’t exactly line up with my previous ideas of dream interpretation but it has still lingered in my mind henceforth. I understand that her idea stemmed from the “as above so below” notion which makes sense, if the heavens above are reflected onto earth, much like a mirror, perception would be opposite. This means in the sense that when you look into a mirror and wave your right hand, if the mirror reflection was a person they would be waving their respective left hand. I just feel like I am just missing something in terms of what this reflection actually means and the different ways that I have heard this being interpreted as.

I always took the saying as above so below as being just that, what is in the heaven can be seen in the earth, the macrocosm reflects the microcosm. But this Shaman’s interpretation of it, at-least when it came to the dream sphere was that it was completely opposite (except sometimes?). So disregarding the whole can of worms of some things being opposite and others not, idk if that would apply to the heavens in general being opposite? I understand that everything is relative but would that mean that things that are generally deemed moral in our current society be deemed immoral in the “heavens” and vice versa? Yes this is taking it quite literally but she seemed pretty literal about it so I’m looking at it that way.

Idk if I’ve even explained myself properly at all but does anyone have a better grasp on this that could explain their thoughts maybe? I’m seeking to understand why she would be thinking in such a way and to gain a better understanding of my perception I guess. I’m finding it hard to put into words these kinds of concepts and whilst I do understand where she is coming from I feel slightly lost


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