With their aromatic sensory palettes designed specifically for bringing about calmness, meditation candles add an important reverence to the art of yoga.

Best ValueAroma Naturals Essential Oil Pillar Candle

Sustained Therapy. These candles have burn times ranging from 50 to 80 hours, making them a great way to consistently experience aromatherapy. 

What We Liked: 

Aroma Naturals candles are constructed with high-quality essential oils to give you the most effective aromatherapy possible. They range in sizes from three and a half to five inches in length making them a flexible fit in any home. Each flavor profile includes at least two complimenting herbs, including pine and vanilla themed candle types, perfect for the holidays. Customers found these candles to be very balanced, and not overbearing in their scent output. It’s available here.

Best for MeditationArt of the Root Spiritual Cleansing & Meditation Herbal Candle

Beautiful Candle. Art of the Root constructs these charming candles with over five different potent herbs and spices. 


What We Liked: 

This spiritual candle is as beautiful as it is functional. It includes hints of lavender, sweetgrass, palo santo, and mugwort- just to name a few of its herbs. The eight-ounce candle is meant to be relaxing without being overbearing. Customers loved the compact size, unique construction, and delicate aesthetic that Art of the Root brings to the table. Get it today. 

Most VersatileRoot Candles Seeking Balance Small Spa Candle

Personalized Candles. These candles come in a large variety of aromatherapy inspired scents to give you the most accurate clarity possible.

What We Liked: 

Root Candles notably offers 16 different scent options, each with a different purpose such as “detoxify”, “awaken”, and “meditate” to name a few. The candles range in sizes from four to eight ounces making them suitable for any environment. Each candle was made in the USA and features a unique blend of essential oils. Customers loved the variety of these candles and found them to be particularly helpful during meditation practices. Buy it now.

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