If you’ve noticed your muscles feeling tight after a workout or yoga class, it’s a good idea to pick up a massage roller. You can use these handy rollers to gently relieve your soreness and massage knots in your back, arms, and legs.

Most Durable321 STRONG Foam Roller

Sturdy and with three different massaging textures, this roller won’t disappoint.

What We Liked:

This medium-density roller is seriously durable. Unlike other rollers, this one has a solid core to keep it from collapsing over time. It also features three different massaging textures meant to mimic a thumb, finger, and palm massage, which can be used to change the intensity level of the massage. You can find it in 13 bright colors. Ding: Because it is a short roller, this pick can be difficult to use to massage your back and legs. Get it here.

Best Long RollerAmazonBasics High-Density Foam Roller

A classically designed roller that gives deep massages.

What We Liked:

Our favorite thing about this roller from AmazonBasics was that it is available in four different sizes, making it perfect no matter what area you are trying to massage. It was also designed to be more durable than it looks. It has molded edges, which prevents the roller from flaking and falling apart over time. It’s also made of polyethylene foam, which is known for maintaining its firmness. This roller is high-density and designed for deeper massages and greater resistance during yoga and cardio. Ding: Doesn’t have a raised massaging texture. Get it today.


Best Muscle Roller StickIDSON Muscle Roller Stick

Durability is the name of the game with this roller stick.

What We Liked:

Muscle roller sticks are great for high-pressure massages and are designed to give you a deep tissue massage whenever you need it. It’s incredibly durable, so you can use as much pressure as you feel you need without worry. This pick is compact, making it an easy pick to throw in your gym bag. If you still aren’t sold, you can try it out risk-free with ISON’s money-back guarantee. Ding: It can be difficult to use muscle roller sticks on your back. It’s available for you today.

Best Massaging TextureRumbleRoller Textured Foam Roller

This unique design will give you quick relief.

What We Liked:

RumbleRoller went back to basics to design this roller with a new unique design. The massaging texture will put concentrated force onto your muscles to relieve your discomfort much quicker than other massage rollers. It’s available in two different densities, so you can pick the intensity that works best for you. You can also find it in three different sizes. Get it today.

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