If you like to meditate or do yoga nidra in a bed you share with a partner, you’ll need some earbuds.

You don’t necessarily think of headphones when you think of yoga, but they can come in handy when you are trying to meditate or get a musical flow on when your roommate or partner is sleeping. Typical earphones have annoying cords that get in the way or get caught on things. And nothing bombs your routine like having to stop to put an earbud back in. If you use music to set the mood during your daily routine, you’ll need a set of wireless headphones. Check out our guide to some of the more modestly priced earphones on Amazon. 

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Best Sports Headband Headphones: Lavince Wireless Sports HeadbandLavince Wireless Sports Headband

This choice from Lavince is comfortable to wear in bed and during practice – when you want to keep your hair and sweat off your face. Two speakers are hidden inside the sleek, lightweight, breathable, stretchy band. The powerful battery lasts eight hours and still works at a stunning 45 feet from your phone for maximum freedom of movement. It even has an 18-month warranty. A bonus microphone means you can take calls without your phone. Ding: It will take two hours to fully charge. $19.99; Buy Now.

Best Earbuds with Neck Strap: Anbes Wireless EarbudsAnbes Wireless Earbuds


If your top concern is finding earbuds that will stay put during your routine, look no further than this pick from Anbes. These earbuds have an ear hook design that will keep them securely in your ear and three different tips for a customizable fit. And even if an earbud does fall, the neck strap will keep it securely around your neck instead of tumbling somewhere on your mat. These little buds also pack a punch with HD stereo sound, an 8-hour battery, and noise cancelling capabilities. Buttons will allow you to manage calls, change the volume, pause and play, and skip tracks. And no need to worry about sweat in hot yoga: these are waterproof in up to three feet of water. They even come with a 30-day money back guarantee. $18.89; Buy Now.

Best Earbuds: ENACFIRE Wireless HeadphonesENACFIRE Wireless Headphones

Most wireless earbuds need charged every night so they’re ready to use again in the morning. This choice is an exception to that rule; the portable charging case holds 104 hours of charge. When you aren’t using them, they continue charging for use later on. Better yet, the case can double as a power bank for your phone. These headphones will work up to 66 feet from your phone and are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, which will remove all static and connect to your phone quicker. They’re also waterproof and noise cancelling. Ding: The earbuds can only play for 4 hours on a single charge. $28.89; Buy Now.

Best Over Ear Headphones: WXY Over Ear Bluetooth HeadphonesWXY Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones

These over ear headphones have an impressive 14 hour play time for a 2 hour charge. And if for some reason you run out of charge, you can continue to use them while plugged in. The adjustable headband ensures that they fit securely and won’t budge as you move. Buttons on the side of these headphones let you adjust the volume, manage calls, and pause and play. They’re also available in 5 colors and have a 24-month warranty. Ding: There are no buttons to skip tracks, so you’ll need to grab your phone for that. $26.98; Buy Now.

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