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Taurus Season 2020 | Slowing Down while Taking Charge


During the next four weeks of Taurus Season 2020, the sensual, steadfast Bull takes charge, helping us prioritize—with a side of pleasure.

by The AstroTwins

The Sun visits a new zodiac sign every 30 days or so. During each “season” everyone feels the influence of the prevailing astrological energy. Taurus season 2020 begins April 19 and ends May 20.

When the sun hunkers down in steady Taurus, don’t mistake the slower pace for passivity. When you see a goal worth pursuing, make like el Toro and charge!

As assertive, me-first Aries season draws to a close, Taurus season turns our attention to building. We’ve had plenty of “Wouldn’t it be crazy if…” ideas, but can they go the distance? Taurus takes charge to help us roll up our sleeves and craft a sustainable plan.

Taurus is the first of the zodiac’s three grounded earth signs and part of the stabilizing “fixed” quality. As the zodiac’s second sign, Taurus is the persistent provider who also loves earthly delights. This sign encourages us to break our work into simple steps then take daily action.

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Productivity reigns supreme now, as Taurus season 2020 restores some much-needed order to our courts. During the exhilarating-yet-exhausting Aries season, the last four weeks have been anything but boring! But we could all use a moment to catch a breath and find our focus once again.

Here are five ways to embrace the pace of the Bull from now until May 20 during Taurus season 2020.
1. Slow your roll…but know when to charge like a Bull!

Taurus energy is mostly grounding, cultivating a sense of ease and contentment. Unless, that is, we find ourselves getting worked up about something…then the proverbial steam will start to pour out of our ears! During Taurus season, don’t rush or skimp on the practicalities of any plan. With this sensible sign at the helm, we need to carefully consider every detail, ensuring a high-quality and elegant outcome. Chief among the traits of a Taurus is their built-in energy conservation program. Taurus will patiently assess whether something is worth the investment of their time and resources. Don the project manager’s fedora and add some practical magic to the recipe. Take life at a mindful and more productive pace for the next four weeks, making time to enjoy the little things!

2. Explore your sensual side.

Taurus is ruled by sensual Venus, whose yin qualities are expressed through this earthy sign by heightening our receptivity. Ask yourself: What do I need in order to feel happy, fulfilled and loved? How can I be more open to receiving, especially physical pleasure? Now’s the time to luxuriate in self-care rituals that add decadence to the start of each day. For example, you could use a dry brush on your skin to exfoliate and get the circulation going before you hop into the shower—and before you totally dry off, massaging lotion (or a natural oil, like coconut) into your skin to moisturize and give yourself some much-needed touch. Pay attention to your spaces: Do you have beauty in your line of vision? Does the room have a nice scent? Is your desk facing a window? Little changes go a long way to make the mundane feel magical.

3. Treat yourself—mindfully.

Tasteful Taurus loves life’s finer things but frowns on flashiness and waste. Although Taurus season shifts our focus to security and budgeting, we can also be tempted to spend our money and resources recklessly. Enjoy life’s pleasures, but do so mindfully, or with a practical purpose. Taurus season is a time for investing in quality objects that stand the test of time. And all the better if they can help you relax in style and comfort. Think of foundation pieces, like a classic sofa for relaxing reading time, a great mattress to improve your sleep, or a crafted dining table for entertaining guests and family for years to come.

4. Speak your truth.

Taurus rules the neck, and our throat chakras could all use a little tune-up during this solar cycle. Try some yoga poses to open yours or even a guided meditation to help you speak your truth. Pay attention to your thyroid health (women especially) and even get yours checked if your energy’s been chronically low. If words escape you, unleash your pent-up vocal pressure with karaoke or even a primal scream. Nothing wrong with belting out your favorite ballads in the car either! Always wanted to take singing lessons? We love Inspired to Sing, a website that offers video tutorials and Skype lessons for anyone—whether you consider yourself an off-key mess or a proud chanteuse. If you’re more of a spoken word type, groups like Toastmasters are offering virtual trainings to help you hone your public speaking chops.

5. Stick to your guns, but don’t forget to compromise.

There’s a fine line between loyalty and stubbornness, and it’s one that gets easily trampled during Taurus season. The shadow side of rooted Taurus energy can keep us stuck in our comfort zones and habits. Monitor your resistance. If your perfectly calculated plans hit a snag, try trusting the process instead of freaking out. Let go of any attachments to a particular outcome during Taurus season. Clinging to the things that we can’t control only leads to self-imposed suffering. Life—and Taurus season 2020—is way too short for that!

Artwork created for The AstroTwins by Grande Dame

Grande Dame (Tiff McGinnis) is a UK based multimedia artist. Apple, Facebook, MTV Networks and more have all commissioned her colourful visuals. She is a featured artist on Giphy. Many of her GIFS have gone viral reaching over 100 million views. Her style is heavily influenced by psychedelic cartoons, pinball, Art Nouveau, and more. She has shown her work at galleries around the Globe, including 111 Minna, San Francisco. She collaborated with couture footwear designer Terry de Havilland, her designs appeared in Italian Vogue and even caused a viral sensation appearing in The Daily Mail. Recent projects include an animated short of the life and work of famed Southern Gothic Author Carson McCullers. She is a dedicated, creative maverick, with a keen eye for detail, and a color palette all her own.

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