This month, against odds of 78 to 1, both experts chose the same card – The Fool.

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The Fool Card in September

Fiona Lensvelt – Great Britain

The Fool encourages us to take a leap into the unknown, to throw caution to the wind and forget the ‘rules.’ At its best, the Fool sets us off in a new direction, without the burden of past failures, fears or obligations. At its worst, the Fool allows unnecessary risk or reckless action. It could be said that we are living in an age of the Fool, embodied by individuals such as President Trump. On a personal note, now is a time to consider what is getting in the way of your dreams. Now is not the time for inertia – take action, make changes and figure out the details later.

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Kyra Oser – America and Canada

The tarot card that comes up for September is The Fool. He is depicted as a beggar, embarking on a new kind of future. He acts unselfconsciously and approaches unfamiliar challenges with faith and optimism. The theme of this month is simplifying and organising your life so you can focus on what’s most important. Once you’re living more simply, it’s likely that you will notice what you already have, appreciate Nature more, and spend more time on activism than consumerism.


We’re embarking on an era where free spiritedness, intuition, and artistic ingenuity will be more revered than they have been for possibly hundreds of years. As a result, this is an optimal time to develop your creative and imaginative skills. If you haven’t already, maybe incorporate a free, unstructured day once in a while. You are on the precipice of a grand new adventure, and this fresh beginning will bring about a world unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

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Jessica Adams – Astrology and Tarot in September

The Fool is P.M. Boris Johnson leaping off the cliffs facing France in September! Brexit will happen long before the 31st Halloween deadline set by former Prime Minister Theresa May.  In fact, even when she was still P.M. last November 2018, the astrology clearly said ‘No Deal/New Deal/Great Deal’ for September.

This card shows the White Cliffs of Dover and Britain is about to rush in, like a fool, where angels fear to tread. This has global impact and many countries, including your own, may be thinking about leaping into the unknown with trade deals and investment in Britain. This creates a domino effect around the world, and we all feel it.

Air Fare and Hotel Bargains

As astrology has also predicted, air fares will come down, currency exchange rates will change dramatically, and hotel prices will fall. People will be emigrating, moving, taking impulse holidays and gap years in high numbers. There may be government encouragement for illegal migrants to go home. You or your people may be taking The Fool’s big leap into the unknown, but you *must* heed the little dog’s warning. Who or what is barking?

In astrology, the Fool is a symbol of the Ninth House, ruled by Sagittarius. Key dates to watch for this mass movement around the planet, and also No Deal/New Deal Brexit include:

September 10th: Jupiter at 15 Sagittarius quincunx North Node at 15 Cancer, semi-sextile South Node at 15 Capricorn.
September 17th: Ceres at 15 Sagittarius opposite Hygiea at 15 Gemini.
September 29th: Ceres at 13 Sagittarius quincunx North Node at 13 Cancer, semi-sextile South Node at 13 Capricorn.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces

The absolute stand-out date is 21st September. The Jupiter-Neptune Square. Those of you who are Sun Sign School students can listen to an exclusive audio podcast on this by international ELLE magazine astrologer Bernard Fitzwalter at here now.


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