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First week of November – Four of Wands

Four wands connected by a canopy of flowers is reminiscent of the chuppah used in Jewish marriage ceremonies.

News headlines will feature environmental activists breaking down a bridge or dam near a fossil fuel facility as a pro-test against climate change. While I see this event in Central or South America, a rise in activism will continue through-out this month in other regions.

In your own life, group relationships that are working well will become more obvious. You’ll get more of what you focus on, and this week, the focus is on strategies for promoting peace and harmony as a collective group. Go where the love is, and bring the love wherever you go.

Second Week of November – Seven of Swords

Five swords are taken from a camp site, and only two are left behind. Seven of Swords points to deception and betrayal. However, there is also a Five of Swords message contained within this card: if you can keep moving forward despite any losses, success will come in time.

In global news, expect a repeat of elections interference in the U.S. Midterms. While some votes are compromised, the true vote tally will eventually be revealed by investigative reporters. Voting is still important and will make a crucial difference in the outcome. Choices made between November 2018 and November 2020 will alter the way we live for decades.

I’m also seeing a panicked selloff of real estate in some parts of the world, beginning with investors in Asia.* The word “backwards” will be repeated by GOP leaders and Trump in economic news.

You might be tempted to think your efforts are futile this week, but that thought would be a deception, too. Sometimes one action that’s contrary to what you’ve been doing will help disrupt a feeling of defeat.

Act like you’re where you want to be,

And the feeling will come eventually.

Just envision the outcome you’d like to see,

Then follow the Magic that’s brought by Week Three…

*Please consult with your stock broker or financial advisor regarding any monetary choices.

Third Week of November – The Magician

Symbols of all four minor tarot arcanas (pentacles, swords, wands and cups) are being used by the magician as tools for manifesting spiritual visions into physical reality.

In this week’s news, expect to hear about the unveiling of a major technological discovery connected to transportation that will eventually be used to expand space exploration. Musk’s inventions, as well as legal issues surrounding his business, will again be featured prominently in news reports.

Something you visualised or imagined is about to be experienced in material form. Based on the other tarot cards for November, the gift you’ll receive from The Magician will either be a revival of creative inspiration or something you’ve wished for in a friendship or relationship.

Fourth Week of November – Three of Cups

Like the first week of November, we wrap up this month with another joyful event. Wreaths of success are worn by three women. Perhaps their chalices are filled with wine, as the presence of grapes denotes an altered Dionysian state of celebratory partying.

In global news, couples who met as friends or through friends and are currently working together in politics (such as Meghan and Harry) will be featured in media reports as promoting international humanitarian causes.

In your own life, either a friendship might be growing into a relationship, or a relationship or friendship could be deepening into a more meaningful spiritual connection.

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