One of the things for which EFT is often very useful is the removal of physical pain. Now, let’s be clear, I’m not a doctor and I do not pretend to be a doctor. I do not just propose to pat you and do not search for proper medical help for problems you have. I look at EFT as an additional, not as an alternative treatment. I think a great deal of the physical pain we experience has something to do with stress. If we can minimize stress in our bodies, we can definitely reduce some of our physical ailments. This is the intention of this video. I do not know what will happen to you. I will not say what can happen, but hopefully you will benefit. I know that for many people this is a very useful tool for eliminating pain. Take full responsibility for your well-being. Stick with me. Although I feel pain, I choose to love and accept myself in spite of everything. Although I feel this pain, I choose to love and honor myself in spite of everything. Although I feel this pain, it is very unpleasant, is very distracting and prevents me from focusing on feeling good, it’s hard to focus on building the life that I really want and though I feel this pain, I choose completely and unreservedly to love, to honor and accept myself and everyone else, which somehow contributes to this pain.

All this pain … All this malaise … All this pain … All this malaise … As far as possible, I choose to release them. If there is something I need to know, something I have to take care of, I choose to clarify exactly what this is and I swear to take care of him. Part of me may feel, that I need the pain as something to remind me.


I choose to do what I have to do and get rid of this reminder. I choose to relax. Part of this pain it can be stress and tension. I’m relieved of stress. I’m relieved of tension. I let myself relax. Perhaps a part of me feels, that I must feel pain. Perhaps I think I deserve this. Perhaps a part of me uses it, to take revenge on someone, to give someone to understand, maybe I use it as an excuse, to get away and not to do something. Whatever the emotional reasons, I choose to remove them. I remove them on a cellular level. I remove them from my past, of all those cases in which someone has told me, that I must feel pain, that I must be unstable. I do not have to feel that way because of someone else. I’m relieved of the need to feel pain. I swear to do what I have to do really take care of yourself.

I deserve to take care of myself. I deserve to treat me with love and respect. I have no doubt about this. I allow myself to love myself and to do as it should, to take care of myself in the best way. I’m relieved of any unnecessary need to feel pain. It releases any inappropriate pain. I’m relieved of any pain I can get rid of. I deserve to feel good and I remove any doubts in that. I choose to feel good. I choose to feel as good as possible. I leave in peace. I choose to feel rest in my whole body. I choose to treat myself with love in body, consciousness and spirit. Take a deep breath.

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