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Summer Reads: An Inside Look into Chapter 7 of Crystal Muse


If you’ve been reading along with us in our Crystal Muse book club, you know that we’re covering some deeper topics this week in our discussion of chapter 7, Breakdown to Breakthrough. Summer is the perfect time to talk about breaking down because it’s a season that lifts the spirit. It inspires us to transform. Longer days means there’s more time to work on ourselves. This gives us an opportunity to reflect on what shifts we may have ignored when it seemed too difficult to confront those truths. And as we’ve read in this chapter, confronting truths is no easy task.

The beginning of Breakdown to Breakthrough starts out with Heather and Timmi trying to find a way past a block they’d been struggling with in their business. They felt called to challenge themselves, and pursue a venture in Mexico—against the advice of their family, friends and very perplexed financial adviser. They went, and the venture turned out to be a complete bust. But at the end of the day, a healer, from a family of local healers, introduced herself to Heather and Timmi. After talking, the healer suggested the women meet her friend, a well respected shaman in her community. The healer took Heather and Timmi to several sacred sites and arranged a two hour purification ceremony called a Temazcal. In exchange, they would teach the healer about crystals.

At no point during this healing spiritual experience were Heather and Timmi not thinking about how to break their financial block. After the purification ceremony, Heather was physically ill. She spent the entire trip home crying and running to the bathroom. She was breaking down. Timmi’s breakdown didn’t come until later that night, when all of the spiritual enlightenment she felt she’d gained in the Temazcal was put to the test. At Mother’s day dinner with her family and mom, Timmi found herself annoyed with every little thing that didn’t feel like it fit into the journey she was pursuing spiritually—and she said as much to her family. Timmi’s mother, Terri, confronted her, suggesting that she put her spirituality into practice. Timmi lost it. In a totally uncharacteristic fit, Timmi had a breakdown of her own.

The result of these breakdowns? A lot of humility, and a breakthrough. They realized that they had skipped the most important aspect of any spiritual journey: grounding! When the universe kicks up a lot of dust in your life, you have to stay still for a moment to gain clarity; not try to jump back into daily life like nothing happened. The impulse may be to immediately fix and implement things based on what you’ve learned, but that’s more likely to end in disaster. They apologized to their families for how aloof they’d been acting, and rooted down. It was only then, in the calm after the emotional storm, that they were able to see the financial opportunity they’d been neglecting the whole time.

Now, a question for you: When was a time that you needed to sit and reflect, rather than chase an answer or solution? Share with us and comment below!

The medicine wheel ritual is the perfect way to be still and let your spirit heal. Stones like chrysocolla help you to sort things out after a breakdown, because they’re crystals for new beginnings. As a stone of transformation, it encourages you to plant the seed of a positive intention, and grow from a place of stability.

Another stone to connect with if you’re not quiet through the thick of your breakdown yet, is smoky quartz. It gives you the clarity to let go of what no longer serves you. Often the triggers of breakdowns aren’t the events that lead up to it, but the stress, fear, jealousy, depression and other negative emotions that collect along the way. By connecting with smoky quartz, you can release the feelings that are cluttering your mind. That way, you may even be able to skip the breakdown, and move right to the re-centering and grounding stage.

And whether you’re in the middle of a breakdown, recently post crash, or feel like you should take preventative measures before the chaos starts swirling, blue lace agate is never a bad stone to tap into. While this truth stone is known for helping you to better articulate yourself with others, but it’s also an ideal ally for when you need to get quiet.

In those moments when your ideals, dreams, or situations begin to shift, you can tune into blue lace agate energy to better understand your new truths. Getting authentic with yourself can illuminate when the best path forward isn’t the one you’d planned on taking, but a new road altogether.

Another question for you: Do you have a favorite stone to use when you feel yourself spinning out emotionally? If so, what’s your go-to crystal for gaining balance? Share with us and comment below! 

Next up: We’ll be diving into chapter 8 to learn everything you want to know about love crystals.

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