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Strange Frequencies – Paranormal Podcast


It’s brain candy time, and we are bringing you three tasty cerebral snacks. Keep your minds open, remember it takes all kinds to keep this weird world spinning, and wait for the brain worms to take hold. Something is going to creep into your skeptical craniums and go around and around. Enjoy the ride. First up, Jim Harold and author Peter Bebergal discuss the role of tech in proving the paranormal. They’re not referring to satellites and CCTV, by the way. Tech is any tool created or used, often in ritual, to connect with whatever may be beyond the veil. Rocks marked with runic symbols? Tech. Stone circles? Tech. You get the idea. The second half of this podcast discusses a documentary about a super secret space program. Think big business has taken over the world? Think bigger–they’ve done more than that. (Maybe.) Next up: Jan Van Ysslestyne, Why Shamans Don’t Do iPhones. To sum it up neatly, everything you thought you knew about Shamanism is probably wrong. Van Ysslestyne is the world’s foremost authority on the Ulchi people of Siberia, having spent more than 10 years learning their language and way of life. What she has to say will make you yearn for this simpler, deeper and much richer way of living. We wrap up with David Perkins Pt. 2 – Cattle Mutilations as Gaia. An expert in the phenomenon of cattle mutilation, Perkins has a paradigm busting theory. What if mutilations are not the work of humans, or wild animals, or aliens? What if the Earth as an organic being is describing the damage being done to her by the very creatures being sacrificed for her message? It’s heady stuff, and absolutely worth the time to listen. So pop those earbuds in and start expanding your minds. (CM)

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