So I've just had a very intense dream I've been reading up about different types of healers recently, specifically shadow healing and I've been engaging in shadow work,trying to incorporate the dark parts of myself into the light.

Anyway onto my dream, So I have a dream where I'm in some sort of space (I can't quite remember where.. it was familiar but different, I get talking to this lady and she begins to mention shamanism we get speaking and I find myself agreeing to trusting her for some reason. I remember in this dream he getting me to lie down and she gave me some sort of thing to help me relax,she begins speaking and the room begins to cross over into some sort of other realm?it looks the same but different. She mentions something about a few spirits in the corner , i take a look but I can't seem to see anything. I begin to get up and walk around and suddenly I find myself being lifted up and being controlled, being waved in a circular like motion across the room. The last exclaimed "that's not good" and I begin to panic and ask her what I do? She didn't really say much so i used my natural instincts,reasoned with it and said we need to work together in order to be better and I kept reaffirming this over and over again eventually I was let go and I had control over myself again. This lady went on to say something about seeing something a bit electric in me which was scary when she first saw me and something about Russian drunk men? After this happend I tried going into a mirror which didnt work and I then woke up. Am I reading too much into this? Perhaps it's just my subconscious processing the information I've been retaining recently, should I be concerned at all?


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