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Spiritual technology: Designing a machine to predict the future through mind


Some friends and i have developed a hypothesis of how we could make spiritual technology. We need two main ingredients:

1: A panpsychist cultural operative system. This view would hold that everything is consciousness. There is a plane, a morphogenetic field, a cloud of information, that ends up creating the material world in the frontier between order and chaos. Any human, with a certain know how, can enter spiritual communication with this totality through mind, intuition, and channeling information.

2: Pendulums. One of such channels is the act of interacting with a pendulum to ask it questions and then watch how it moves. Normally through the use of yes or no answers.

There is are a bunch of traditions and different corpuses of knowledge on the interaction of different metals, rocks and crystals in this kind of communication. Different materials have different 'personalities'.

There should be constructed a pyramid, elongated, a couple meters tall. From this pyramid, made mostly of materials with resonance, should hang a multitude of pendulums. Each pendulum would have a different size, nature and position. There should be big, dry and dark pendulum on the center and at the top, whilst on the sides and on the lower levels, the pendulums should be more crystalline, scintillating and small.

Below this pyramid, a hole in the same shape of this pyramid, though inverted should be constructed. At the bottom of the hole there should be a space for a head looking from down below to the spectacle of pendulums. The body of the person should be inside a flotation tank/cocoon, from which only the head protrudes out into the pyramid.

The pyramid should be enveloped by water, as water creates also deep resonances. These resonances that permit the link between mind and reality must be waves of information stemming from the quantum fields that form the material canvas of reality.


A well trained shamanic mind would stare into the constellation of pendulums hanging above him or her. He or she would begin to ask individual questions to individual pendulums, to which the answer lies in either order and chaos, and so movement would be vertical or horizontal.

The practitioner would take high quantities of psychedelics. The pendulums would begin to swing in accordance to the responses. The hole would have extensive sets of lights of different colours and intensities. Those lights would shine on all these pendulums. The swings of the illuminated constellation of pendulums would create tracers on the psychedelic eye of the beholder.

The trick would be to begin to create harmonies of swings, of ebbs and flows, corresponding to plethoras of interrelated philosophical, scientific or historical questions related to each other. The constellation could act as a proof holder of certain theories based on if the answers to the particular questions create harmonic movements of all those pendulums, kind of like when schools of fish swim as one in the sea, or alternatively, pendulums would begin to crash and hit one another chaotically, which would be no good.

The more deep a theory is, the higher and bigger pendulums could begin to be used. If done so correctly, and provided that are no negative spirits and forces around this area, this method of divination would be the equivalent of an industrial metallurgic industry to a blacksmith workshop. We could begin to use spiritual knowledge and power to scales never seen before.

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