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Soul Retrieval 12 weeks ago, some change, Please share your stories!


My story:

I got a soul retrieval and clearing after the shaman doing a family constellation (1st session). Soul retrieval was the second session. Me and her both shared a vision of my future with relationships; we both saw me getting married to a girl.

I had issues with family and my mother (which are being resolved) and this caused a lot of issues with relationships specifically not any of them really working out and going from girl to girl.

I am in therapy on top of it all.

I also struggled with many other problems as many do. I had PTSD for a long time. She said my spirit guides are coming through and at the same time, we both looked at the time and it was 11:11. She is the real deal, along with with a top renown psychic. I just wanted to hear others' experiences with soul retrieval.

I still have problems, I know it won't be perfect. I am making progress though especially with my mental health which is number one concern.

I just wanted to see if it takes time for the soul to adjust or how it all works.

PLEASE share your stories of Soul Retrieval! How long was it before you noticed a change?

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