I’ve been considering what it means to have a mystical experience. These are also called unitary experiences, numinous experiences, visionary or shamanic experiences, etc.

I think these flow from a pure experience of awareness as such, even Being as such.

Mystical experiences reveal that "you", and everything you think you know, exist only from a highly specific perspective that's fine-tuned to navigate our little corner of the solar system, and are utterly insignificant from a broader one. There is an identical thread, numerically one, running throughout everything simultaneously, which we can't see with unaided eyes.

IT is your car.

IT is your co-worker.

IT is the sky.

The only thing that exists in itself, as a true unified "something", is Existence itself. All modifications, all “kinds” of being, exist not only as contingent on the environment, but also relative to a certain perspective.

There is no perspective you can take which says nothing exists, because at the very least that perspective exists.

But there are perspectives from which the distinction between you and the chair upon which you sit doesn’t exist in any recognizable form.

All differences between me, you, this computer, the sky and tress, are merely the construction of a certain subjective perspective that simultaneously shields is from directly perceiving the All.

It sounds absurd, because it is quite literally unthinkable; the implication is that distinction itself is part of the illusion. The mind's ability to distinguish between "this" and "that" is merely a filter which shields us from the Numimous, the Beatific Vision, the complete vision of Existence as such, the Unity.

Just as we have evolved to see a specific range of colors out of the much larger scale of possible detectable photons which remain completely invisible to our naked eye – so too have we evolved to reduce all things to "this" as opposed to "that", just as we see black vs. white, out of much larger possible scale of what might constitute modes of existence.

Here, "subject" and "object", "this" and "that", evaporate away because everything has IT in common. What do you have left when all distinction is take away?


Being. Existence. Pure "is-ness".

We have exceeded the limitations of language here. We are bending grammar itself, and consequently logic. How can one even express this experience, without using any conceptual distinctions?

There must be some distinction at least in the mind for language and thought to be possible. And if there is any distinction in the mind, then we are not thinking of IT. We are bumping up against something literally inexpressible. "IS". "IT". "BEING".

These words are as close as we can come, but even here we fall short since we immediately distinguish ourselves from the thought which contains these concepts.

Descartes made this clear: we cannot help but see a distinction between the thinker and the thought.

To speak of it, to think of it, is to immediately diminish IT. "The Tao that can be spoken is not the Tao."

Mystical experiences are an evolutionary adaption, or the vestiges of some form of higher consciousness, that overcome reason itself. They allow for experience of the actual transcendent, the mystical, that which lies beyond the grasp of reason.

The koans of Buddhism serve the same purpose (what is the sound of one hand clapping?), along with the Trinity of Christianity (Three is One).

Reason itself is the filter.

Mysticism is that which pushes experience past individuality into communal identity, Universal Oneness.

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