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Sniffle Stopper Essential Oil Blend: Best Uses + Quick How To


Sniffle Stopper Essential Oil Blend: Best Uses + Quick How To
Ah-chew! No matter how hard I try, once in awhile I catch the sniffles. Thankfully I have Sniffle Stopper, one of the KidSafe synergies from Plant Therapy.

Sniffle Stopper Essential Oil Blend ► http://bit.ly/2IJLrPI

When kids are congested, this essential oil blend is safe to use. Sniffle Stopper helps relieves congestion, clears the head, and clears the nasal passages for easier breathing.

Our favorite 3 ways to use Sniffle Stopper are:

First, diffuse in your children’s room when they are feeling stuffy and congested.

Second, In a nighttime bath, add a few drops to some bubble bath or body wash.

And the third way tol use Sniffle Stopper is in an easy DIY Chest Rub.

Another easy way to use Sniffle Stopper is with Plant Therapy Pre-Diluted Sniffle Stopper. Already diluted and ready to use, I simply apply this to my children’s chest when they are congested.

Here’s how to create a Breathe Easy Balm

You will need:
1 ounce Organic Healing Balm ► http://bit.ly/2InNBkn
And 24 drops KidSafe Sniffle Stopper Synergy or Respir Aid ► http://bit.ly/2IJLrPI

Blend together thoroughly. You may want to warm the Healing Balm slightly if you happen to store it in a cool place.
After you’ve blended the ingredients, simply apply to the chest, back or feet.

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