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Shaman says yes; head says no.


I’ve been seeing a true shaman for about a year now. He’s incredible, never misled me, and has been training me off and on to strengthen my own skills.

This month, he tells me a guy I’ve been seeing very casually for three months has formed a soul connection with me – and that I need to give him time to heal before it grows, but it will be wonderful for both of us.

The problem? On paper, this guy’s a jag weed and I should cut it immediately. He’s an alcoholic. He’s trying to stop drinking, but he hasn’t gotten serious about it. He doesn’t text back. Shit, he’s not putting in half of what I am to the relationship. I’m not an idiot.

The other other problem? My gut instinct is 100% in alignment with the shaman and has been since the beginning. I feel like an idiot for believing this is worth my time, but my higher self won’t let me let it go.

So what about it, witches of reddit? Any spells to heal the process, or do I wait it out, let him suffer, and see where it takes us?

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