Hi All,

I am looking for references to a healer or practitioner who works with people dealing with spiritual problems out of the norm… specifically with entity attachments resulting in voices in my head and other related interference:

Either a healer/therapist to talk to about my troubles and experience, as more of a therapeutic approach… Or a healer / shaman / “exorcist” for lack of a better word… basically someone who has experience in dealing with spirit attachments and negative entities–whether they simply perform the healing(s)/releasements on me… or if they are there to offer advice and give guidance in my own healing of these conditions myself.

I live in the North Florida area (Southeast USA), but could travel if someone seems highly recommended and really worth going to see in person. I’d also be open to online sessions as well, but in-person would be preferred for anything other than “therapy-type” sessions.

Just for some background, for the past ~4 years I’ve been dealing with voices/thoughts in my head from negative entities, as well as a bunch of other related interference from it. It started after I was watching videos from a channeled being known as “Bashar” (a New Age channeler)… and sort of made an intention to be open to “energetic contact” after hearing an audience member talk about it.


If anyone has any questions or recommendations for practitioners, please let me know. Thank you! 🙂

Edit: Also, if someone knows any other subreddits, forums, or groups to ask about this in, please let me know! Ty

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