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Science & Spirituality | Two Languages Describing The Nature of Reality


LINK TO VIDEO PRESENTATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ooUD1x9KOc Summary

Just what exactly was the singularity before Big Bang? All matter that makes up the known universe originated from that Single Point.

This video is a synthesis of many fields of Science as well as Spiritual Traditions — it is my perspective of Life. I came to this conclusion by reading the works of countless great minds which affirmed my own suspicions.

Jill Bolte Taylor describes not being able to differentiate the boundaries of her body during her stroke. She says that it looked as though the atoms of the wall blended in with the atoms of her arm. She then goes on to say that she felt like she was apart of something beautiful and expansive. This was due to the fact that her brain’s information filtration system had shut down.

Our brain filters out a large percentage of information that is not used for day to day survival. It is an evolutionary advantage that organisms have so that they can survive the hostilities of the primordial world.

However, while this feature of the brain is a beneficial one — it has created an illusion that we take for granted and call reality.

See, our senses are tuned into specific signals such as Visible light — which is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. These senses send electrical signals to the brain which then uses the information to build a picture of the reality that the organism inhabits.

If we were to widen the bandwidth of perception somehow, we would hypothetically be able to perceive more than what our normal state of consciousness allows.

For those who are unaware of the Psychedelic Clinical Trials conducted by Dr. Rick Strassman, he had over 400 patients be administered with a psychedelic called DMT (dimethyltriptamine), which is now known to be endogenously present in the brain during heavy REM sleep.

All his patients reported extraordinary experiences.

The most unsettling fact about this experiment would be the fact that a large number of these people were describing similar places and experiences with other beings. Due to the unsettling nature of this unexplained phenomena, Rick Strassman would stop the Clinical Trials altogether. His own views on consciousness would then be changed and he would write a book entitled “DMT – The Spirit Molecule”. Which combines Science and Spirituality into a wholistic perspective.

This then raises question to the origins of the many religions around the world. With talks of higher and lower dimensions, angels and demons, were these traditions rooted in the use of visionary plants? There is evidence supporting this view, such as the Neuropsychological Theory of Cave Art, which showcases the Shamanic influence in many reliefs around the world.

Our ancestors had their minds opened to an influx of information during these visionary states. They would then articulate their experiences based off of their cultural tongue and frame of reference. Resulting in the spectacular stories and myths around the world.

These religions are the product of people who were trying to explain natural events to the best of their knowledge at the time. Not only this but they were also describing their deep insights during spiritual experiences such as psychedelic journeys, that can be decoded with this new perspective if one takes the time to look.



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