Now is the time to slow things down.

As we turn the lights down low, find the rest in your flow…

As you lie down on your back, take a moment to assimilate the effects of your practice.

Notice every sensation without judgement and let it flow.


Your time for movement is over.

As we turn the volume down low, be still and know…

As you relax your body and mind, make space for peace and harmony to flood your being.

Notice every thought without judgement and let it flow.


Dynamic flow gives way to surrender.

Listen to your body and your breath.

Exertion gives way to rest.

Honour your body and your breath.


Let all that energy you have created flow through your body.


Let it flow out to the crown of your head, out to your fingers and toes.

Let it flow into the core of your being,

Carried on the breath, spreading life and light as it goes.


In fluid flow, there is no stop and go,

So allow the breath to ebb and flow like waves on the shore.

Let it flow like the ocean – in and out, to and fro:

So effortless, so smooth, so calm.


As you bring your awareness back to this space with care and attention,

Allow that energy to well up from within,

Ready to flow out into every corner of your day.

Simply let it flow.

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