I won’t lie, Samhain is my favorite Wiccan holiday. And October is the best month of the year, in my humble opinion. I loooooveee fall. It just feels extra witchy to me and I feel a lot more powerful during the shadow season.  Here is a peek at my Samhain altar and some Samhain altar ideas/tips for you. I got all of the items pictured below at Dollar Tree and the Dollar Spot at Target. Because I’m a witch on a budget.

And while you are here, if you are looking for some Samhain ritual ideas, check out this post. Curious about my other altars? Take a peek at those, too. Check out my Yule Altar. And my Mabon Altar. As well as my Lammas altar. Don’t miss my abundance altar either.

Samhain Altar Ideas

So, this is the third harvest festival of the year. And the colors are orange, red, and brown, just like Mabon. However, this is the time to incorporate some black into your theme. Symbolically, this holiday is about death. The plants are dying as the Earth grows colder. The veil between worlds is thinning and the ancestors are reaching out to us. To incorporate this theme, I have black candles which I’ve sprinkled with some gold glitter and skull candle holders, along with some black pumpkins. I used the orange and white ones for Mabon, and then transitioned over to the black.  And I have a cauldron and a glittery black besom because they are super witchy.

If you would prefer the more natural route, you can go to a farmer’s market and pick out gourds and pumpkins for your altar. Some people incorporate animal bones into their altar at this time of the year as well.

As for incense, I love using spicy scents that incorporate clove, cinnamon, and ginger.  I also burn woodsy fragrances this time of year, that remind me of a bonfire like sandalwood and cedarwood. I actually found an incense that smells like firewood. And it’s awesome.

Crystals for Samhain


I have some crystals on my altar, too. I have smoky quartz and clear quartz, to connect to my shadow self, as well as my lightworker side.  I feel like my shadow is more pronounced during this time of the year. I also have a couple of really special ones. I have a Shaman stone and a Shaman dream stone. Both of these connect you with your inner magic. I also have bloodstone (shared blood) and tumbled petrified wood (my family tree) to connect me with my ancestors. I’mgoing to be building an ancestor altar this month, so be on the lookout for that blog post.

Day of the Dead

Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead every year and I incorporated this theme into my altar this year. For those who don’t know, this festival focuses on honoring the ancestors. It is an unlikely mixture of Aztec culture blended with Catholicism and it has been going on for thousands of years. At this time, people decorate small altars for their loved ones as well as their grave-sites.


At this time of year, the veil is thinner, which means there is just more supernatural activity around you. I think it is important to do a ritual clean up of your home. Also smoke cleanse regularly during this time of year. And I’d do a little protection magic as a safety precaution. You don’t want to attract any unfriendly energies and or entities. I’d keep a protective stone on my altar like smoky quartz or black tourmaline. And burning some cleansing or clearing incense every once in a while like rosemary or white sage would also be a good idea.

So, how do you decorate your Samhain altar? Tell me in the comments.

samhain altar

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