Can you live in the moment and capture its magic? Yes! The Sagittarius new moon on December 14, 2020, can help you do that. These ritual ideas can help you preserve it.

by The AstroTwins

These Sagittarius new moon ritual ideas are designed to help you save your best moments of 2020. Even though it was a challenging year, undoubtedly there were shining moments.

Visionary Sagittarius is the sign of possibilities, always thinking about what’s next. Still, this philosophical sign loves to reminisce about the good times and extract wisdom from life experiences. So, how can you live in the now and savor it?

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Make a Time Capsule for Your Sagittarius New Moon Ritual

For this ritual, you’ll preserve your best moments of 2020 in a time capsule. In doing so, you’ll be able to look back on and revel in the memories, which are sure to inspire you all over again.

Decide when you want to open your time capsule: is it one year from now? Five? Ten? Then, choose an appropriate container, like a shoebox (for short-term capsules) or a stainless steel box (like ones for cash collection) for longer-term capsules. (Tip: we’ve seen steel boxes at thrift stores, so no need to make this an expensive activity by purchasing new).

Gather materials to put into your time capsule, such as:


A current newspaper, magazine, or a print-out of a story from today that you read online
A list of popular words and expressions you’ve used this year (social distancing, anyone?)
Photos of friends and important people in your life, bubble gathering photos, selfies or a screenshot of your Zoom happy hour
A keepsake that screams 2020–a bumper sticker from the U.S. presidential election, a roll of toilet paper (well maybe not, you may need that!)
Postcards or ads for things you like or purchased, pages from fashion magazines that capture this year’s WFH style
A letter or memo to yourself: What would you like to tell your future self?
Wish lists. For example, make a list of the places you’d like to travel to before you open your time capsule, when we can all travel freely again. (As manifestation mavens, we love this one!)

Once you’ve filled your capsule, seal it and place it somewhere out of sight and reach, like a high shelf in a closet. Set a calendar reminder for the date you’d like to open up your time capsule. It should be a fascinating, future experience!

Other Ritual ideas: 

Pinpoint your post-pandemic trip and research hotel stays and an explorer’s itinerary.
Take a long drive or hike to enjoy nature’s beauty
Shop local to purchase gifts from independent makers (Sag rules entrepreneurship!)
Feel your fire: sit in a detoxifying sauna, or draw a bath with healing mustard salts, popularized recently by celebrities like Busy Philipps, Gwyneth Paltrow and Alison Brie.
Try a Fire season meditation

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