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Royal Baby Watch – Meghan and Harry – Baby Astrology


Meghan and Harry will have a new baby to announce soon and that means a new astrology chart for Buckingham Palace. Another Sun Taurus member of the Royal Family is expected (Her Majesty the Queen being the most famous example) during Taurus season.

Meghan let slip that she is due at the end of April or early May during an engagement in Birkenhead earlier this year, according to The Daily Telegraph in London. Well, May 2019 is calling and that is definitely a Taurus on the end of the line.


The Instagram Baby

The recent launch of Harry and Meghan’s Instagram account, @sussexroyal, has led many to believe the royal baby will come very shortly. It also fits the astrology – Mars (action plans) is in Gemini (the media).

The Duke and Duchess said they would be “celebrating privately as a new family” after the birth as a first priority. So they are doing a very

Mars in Gemini thing there – acting to own internet photographs and comment on Instagram – but also pushing out the paparazzi.

An “unnamed female doctor” will apparently lead the team instead of Royal Household gynaecologists Alan Farthing and Guy Thorpe-Beeston, the Mail on Sunday reported. The new Taurus baby will be seventh in line. But here’s something else – this child inherits the Taurus DNA of not only Meghan Markle but also Princess Margaret.

Big Charity Fundraisers and Big Spenders – Chiron in Taurus

The birth charts of Meghan and the late Princess Margaret both show Chiron in Taurus, the sign of big charity fundraising and also extravagance. Like Margaret, Meghan will make a fortune for good causes, but she is also going to raise eyebrows as a big spender as the years go by. This will become a life-changing moment in the marriage when Uranus (radical change) moves across Chiron in Markle’s chart. This can only happen once in her and Prince Harry’s lifetime. You’d have to say this baby is all about the money. Or the charity. So is her mother – and it goes on until age seven.

Harry and Meghan, for Richer, for Poorer 

What about Harry’s horoscope? He has his Moon in Taurus next to his future wife’s Chiron. Meghan will either cost him a fortune or help him make one. The baby arrives with philanthropy built into the horoscope, and it’s no surprise to hear Harry and Meghan are asking for no gifts, but donations instead, to their preferred good causes.

An International Young Royal

The Duke and Duchess could apply for their child to have dual US-UK citizenship and the astrology says ‘Yes, absolutely.’ This will be an American-British Royal. Why? Baby Sussex is born with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Good fortune through foreign residency.

There have also been reports that the royal couple are considering a major move to Africa which would enact an entirely unexpected upbringing for baby Sussex. The stars say – it could so easily happen – by November. This baby is a globetrotter, and aged around 12 and 24, will fly the flag for both America and Britain – but also embrace Commonwealth nations – like Africa!

Godparents – Serena Williams Steps Up

Tennis champion Serena Williams is said to have hosted Meghan’s lavish baby shower in the £57,400-a-night penthouse of the Mark Hotel in New York City. The pair have been friends since 2010. Her horoscope suggests she is a natural fit as godmother.

“This baby will be quirky and unconventional and will be his or her own person,” said Penny Thornton, astrologer to the late Princess Diana, in an interview with PEOPLE. “He or she will be very forthright, sporty, adventurous, independent and extrovert,” she added. Penny is a fantastic astrologer who helped Diana a great deal in her life. She’s seeing what I am seeing in the chart too. This child has attitude and intense individuality!

Baby Sussex will share a zodiac sign with two cousins — Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are Taurus. Yet, it is Her Majesty the Queen, the ultimate Royal Taurus (steady, stable, stubborn) who will have the biggest influence on this future adult. Again, we come back to charity!

How Astrology Predicted a 2019 Baby for Harry and Meghan

This was all seen in the stars way back on 16th December 2017. This is what you read on this website: “Meghan’s horoscope shows a fantastic new role involving children in 2019. This is also the year that a special child will come into her life.”

Horoscope Snapshot of the New Baby

Well-known for fundraising (and it starts at birth with some incredible donations to Harry and Meghan’s favourite charities) this child inherits financial karma from both parents but also Princess Margaret, who is close to being a time-twin with Meghan Markle. There is also literally and spiritually a huge inheritance from Her Majesty. Part of that inheritance is knowing how the royal taxes work. It’s Taurus D.N.A. In adulthood, this future Taurus royal will also join in with a radical new approach to ‘The Firm’ as The Queen calls it. Revolutionary, in fact. This child was born with Uranus in Taurus too.

The new child’s split American-British status will be a fantastic lifelong gift and this child will travel far and wide, possibly even relocating with both parents. Yes, Africa is on that list. Born with Jupiter in Sagittarius the new child has a global view, international connections and will make a huge impression on royal tours or perhaps overseas schooling or work, aged 12 and 24.

The biggest burden will be the class system and royal hierarchy itself, as this child is born with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn, the sign ruling high society, the establishment and the system. Feeling the heavy weight of that, aged around 29, means that in around three decades from now, we’re looking at a make-or-break decision about royal status and one’s part in the grander scheme of things. The horoscope suggests this child has done this many, many times in previous incarnations. The Nodes show past lives. Her Majesty the Queen also has this classic Cancer-Capricorn Node pattern, so she will relate to the new Sussex child and vice versa – quite intuitively. The issues for The Queen were family and career, father and job (and the family and career story continues). It will be the same for the adult baby Sussex. Watch this space. And congratulations to Meghan and Harry, who by their Australian tour have showed themselves to be writing an intriguing, utterly modern, quite unexpected new chapter in Royal life. Yoga on the beach? You bet. Out of Africa? Why not!


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