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Royal Baby Louis Horoscope!


Royal Baby Louis Horoscope!

The new royal baby is here. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge – and Prince William – welcomed their new son, Louis, a brother to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, at 11.01am in London on Monday 23rd April.

This little boy has the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Leo, just like Her Majesty the Queen, his great-grandmother. Astrology fans and regular readers will know that Leo is the traditional sign of Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses. What else does the horoscope tell us about the new royal baby? A new royal baby horoscope is always fascinating, because you so often find zodiac signs and patterns repeating, across the generations.

Born to Inherit the Wealth, the Charities and the Priceless Heirlooms

Louis was born to inherit the wealth, the charities and the priceless heirlooms associated with the Royal Family. He’ll love the task, when he’s old enough to add up. Born with Mars at 20 Capricorn sextile Jupiter at 20 Scorpio, this is someone who respects the system – the establishment – and will use his natural good fortune to help other people. You might say, this is a textbook royal.

Prince George will find all this far less easy. His new little brother will take to the financial management and property portfolio side of the family with far more interest.

This little boy also has Psyche at 22 Scorpio aspected by Bacchus at 22 Aries, so that’s the second Scorpio placement in his chart. Just as his Taurus Sun is associated with tremendous wealth and good causes, Scorpio is linked to complicated finance. His grandfather Prince Charles is the most famous Scorpio in the family. Charles could easily pass on his various trusts and causes to his youngest grandson, Louis.

Charlotte, George and Louis

This is not a child who will enjoy being (only) third in line to the throne. In fact, as a young man, he will be extremely ambitious. George is exactly the same – and George will be King. This small person will have to find his own way in life, succeeding at his own goals, and when the three junior royals are old enough to tackle massive questions about country and monarchy, there is no way he can put up with being ‘the spare’ while his brother is the heir. This is a person who wants to get to the top. He may do what Princess Anne has done, and create a separate career for himself elsewhere. The world of horses? Perhaps. With Bacchus in Aries, though, Louis is a natural soldier, sailor or pilot. This young man will genuinely enjoy the military.

Past Lives, Future Lives

Born with the North Node (karma) in Leo, with the Moon also in this royal sign, Louis has had several lifetimes of experience in one or more royal and aristocratic families. He will fit the bill, because he already knows the score. These previous incarnations within monarchies will help the second son of Kate and William through the most challenging cycle in decades, for British Royal Family finances.

He has been sent to help out, in fact, and even though he will still be in nappies when Prince Charles and Her Majesty the Queen must meet the greatest taxation, banking or investment crisis of their lives – beginning in May, June 2018 – as a young man, this third child will step up to the mighty task of handling an ancient institution and its accounts, in a very different world.

You see, there is a line-up in the personal horoscopes of Prince Charles, The Queen and this new royal baby in the money sign, Taurus, at 0 degrees. What happens, just weeks from now, as I write this on the birthday of the new child, will rock everybody’s world. Yours and mine. For these three people, though, it will extend beyond their own personal financial, taxation and property situation to Commonwealth currency itself. The coins and notes bearing the Queen’s head on the reverse.

If ever a child was sent at a fated time in history, Louis is it! In fact, when Uranus (the revolution) moves to 0 Taurus in the middle of May 2018, even the youngest name on the family’s financial paperwork will be affected. This future royal will be a natural with money – and he will need to be – because the winds of change are blowing.

For now, though, let’s celebrate the arrival of a down-to-earth, ambitious, cautious, conservative and suitably royal child – born to support and hold up this ancient monarchy – on St. George’s Day.


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