How do I know Reiki is boring?

Every morning since 1986, I’ve placed my hands for Reiki self practice and let my awareness settle into the experience. The practice doesn’t grab my attention like a Law & Order rerun, a close Yankees game or a World Cup match.

It’s quiet. It’s familiar. Occasionally — rarely — a subtle experience feels not-so-subtle, but even when Reiki practice rocks my world, it doesn’t shake the bed. No, Reiki practice rocks my world from within. If I want to notice, I need to drop within.

At any time, but especially these days, with so many rocks flying on the outside, dropping within is an added blessing, a time of retreat while my mind delights in subtle sensations, or savors the boredom.

It doesn’t really matter to me what my mind is doing. I’m practicing Reiki and that’s heaven on earth.

Diving in when Reiki is boring

Do you savor your Reiki self practice? Or do you check it off the list, or (gulp) power through it?

Even powering through practice is beneficial, and ever-so-much better for you than skipping practice.

You could adjust your expectations and enjoy your practice for what it is, instead of thinking it should be different, more dramatic. Isn’t life on earth dramatic enough right now?

If you’re not enjoying your Reiki self practice, take a look at why not.

Is your mind restless? Give it time to settle.

Are you impatient? Give yourself time to settle.

Whatever the obstacle is, try giving your practice time and gentle attention. First take the time to make your body comfortable, then give your mind the time it needs to get comfortable.


Why practice boring Reiki?

Remember why you practice Reiki. Unlike sports or music or other skills, you don’t practice to get better at Reiki.

You practice to get better at being…

Yourself. Alive. Happy. Kind.

Reiki is boring, and that’s a good thing. Don’t you already have enough drama in your life? Reiki helps you stop thinking and refresh your mind.

There’s gold beyond the boredom

Bring on the Reiki boredom!

Don’t let boredom rob you of your insight, intuition and wisdom.

I can teach you a simple practice that helps you dive into your Reiki practice directly, without thinking, to find that inner gold.

Click here to tell me you’re interested and I’ll let you know the next time I give a free online class.

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