I study astrology as a little hobby of mine. Sometimes I come across some interesting charts with strong prominent Pluto placements. Not talking about transits. I'm talking about dominant Pluto in a natal chart.

I've seen a lot of charts with natal Venus conjunct Pluto (in scorpio) combos. I guess it interprets it as a 'beauty and the beast' theme, not sure how that relates to issues of inheritance or death? For example perhaps the native with pluto in scorpio in 1st house inherits the appearance possibly of someone prominent from their family, tribe, group or nation? Perhaps they marry (Venus conjunct pluto) to a dark magician or a shaman of their tribe? Does pluto rule dynasties, secret heirs, I don't know? I feel like I'm grasping for straws. Pluto means wealth, generally?? Can a prominent Pluto in Scorpio rule a dark legacy? Not sure how that plays out with pluto in scorpio in the 8th house. Some folks have very prominent plutos in their 8th or 3rd house.

What and how is the best way to read and interpret such charts with strong pluto in natal chart? I'm new to astrology. I feel the general interpretation on Pluto it is somewhat lacking as it is a mysterious placement.


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