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Prediction! The Royals in 2019, 2020


Prediction! The Royals in 2019, 2020

In March 2019, Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Charles will feel the aftershocks of her decision of her 23rd May 2018 decision to grant Royal Assent to the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act. Why aftershocks? The planet Uranus, which rules the first and second shocks we feel in life – is going backwards and forwards across 0 Taurus, the sign which rules gold bullion and bull markets.

The Queen has the Sun at 0 Taurus. Prince Charles has the Moon exactly opposite at 0 Scorpio. This is rare.

I was speaking at The Astrological Lodge of London a couple of weeks ago (I am writing this on June 11th, 2018) when someone in the front row asked me what Uranus at 0 Taurus had actually brought about, in reference to the Queen and the future King Charles. That’s your answer, right there. Royal assent on a hard new act designed to banish dirty money.

This goes beyond the Queen and any legal tax avoidance, or Prince Charles (and any of his).

It stretches into the very currency itself, bearing Elizabeth II’s head.

Uranus, after all, is the revolution. It remains on the Queen’s natal Taurus Sun – how she shines on those coins – into March 2019, when this prediction completes and Uranus passes 0 Taurus for the final time.

As her head is also on Australian dollars – the story is really clear, here. This theme about shock, revolution and independence also picks up on the investigation into Australian banks, which began to peak at around the same time that Her Majesty gave Royal Assent to the money laundering act in the United Kingdom.

This shock, aftershock and revolution is not just about the woman and her son – the Crown and the Kingdom and its financial affairs – it is also about paper money, as a symbol of Elizabeth II herself. It’s about £ and $ internationally.

In fact, by the time we reach December 2020, it’s the Queen’s Christmas Message as you’ve never seen it before. Why? Saturn at 0 Aquarius and Jupiter at 0 Aquarius create what is known as a T-Square with the horoscopes of Charles and the Queen. And it’s all about the royal finances.

Dates to Watch in 2018 and 2019 for Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Charles

Born with the Sun 0 Taurus the sign of gold bullion and bull markets (and of course the Wall Street bull), the Queen has the kind of personal birth chart which shakes us, as much as it shakes her. When she makes a radical move, we all find ourselves in the middle of radical change. As I write this in June 2018, Uranus has only just teetered at the very start of 0 Taurus and the public has not seen the full enormity of what Her Majesty did, last month. But…this is going to be huge.

Prince Charles is linked to his mother by fate and fortune. Literally, fortune. His Moon at 0 Scorpio was right opposite her Taurus Sun when he was born. This is about The Firm as many call The Royal Family and its business affairs, finances, investments and shares.

This Uranus in Taurus transit is far harder for him, than for her. Why? Uranus is right opposite his Moon. 

Allow 24 hours either side for the world to catch up with itself.

Tuesday 6th November 2018
Uranus 0 Taurus square North Node 0 Leo and South Node 0 Aquarius

Wednesday 10th October 2018
Mercury enters 0 Scorpio
Moon enters 0 Scorpio
Mercury 0 Scorpio quincunx Juno 0 Gemini
Mercury 1 Scorpio opposite Uranus 1 Taurus

Wednesday 24th October 2018
Sun 0 Scorpio opposite Uranus 0 Taurus

Related Issues – The Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

The audience at The Astrological Lodge of London last month was struck by the fact that the news about the Royal Assent for the act had been lost in the headlines about the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

It is interesting that this dramatic celebration in May 2018 (without the father of the bride, but with Prince Charles filling in) took place, also within days of Uranus entering Taurus.

Time will tell if the drama of that wedding is a directly related issue or not. Uranus entered Taurus on 15th May, hit both The Queen’s chart and Prince Charles’ chart at the same time (for the first time since she was a child) and four days later, the wedding took place – to a faintly shell-shocked United Kingdom. 

In true Uranus in Taurus style, the storm which followed the wedding was about money. The bride’s father had allegedly taken a payment from a paparazzi photographer, in exchange for posting for shots.

So – what are you seeing here? Especially if you’re a royal subject! Keep tracking those dates. Uranus at 0 Taurus has only just begun and we won’t really see the final shockwaves of Her Majesty’s May 2018 decision until March 2019. This really isn’t going to get dusted away.



The Daily Express and the Markle family tree.


The Unforgettable Impact of Christmas 2020 on the House of Windsor

I was on Twitter exchanging messages with the well-known horary astrologer Wade Caves about this, when he sent me this breathtaking chart. Just look at those exact 0 patterns – and even the presence of horoscope hotspots at 1 degree – very close by the financial triggers for Prince Charles and The Queen.

This is the historic Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 21st December 2020 and what happens then, with the House of Windsor bank accounts, has a direct relationship with that Royal Assent on money laundering, over two years before. It will be the exclamation mark in a long story.

It’s also the beginning of a mini Age of Aquarius. What? Yes – Jupiter and Saturn will ultimately be followed by Pluto into the sign of equality, community, diversity, sisterhood, friendship and brotherhood. Nobody in the House of Windsor has experienced that, this century – or last century either.

From the Christmas Speech of 2020, past 2023, we will see the end of an era. The Capricorn weather is passing. The people at the top are no longer as important to us – as all of us – we, the people. Watch those horoscopes!


Chart – Wade Caves.


Read more: jessicaadams.com


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