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Precious Flowers Essential Oils Set| Feature Set Friday | Plant Therapy


Happy Feature Set Friday! For today’s show we are going to show-off our Precious Flowers Set!
Precious Flowers Essential Oils Set: http://bit.ly/2xeWgo8

Open the lid of this petite wooden box to reveal three of the most treasured floral scents in the essential oil world! Our Precious Flowers gift set contains 5 ml each of Rose Absolute, steam-distilled Neroli blossom, and Jasmine flower absolute. Each of these unique florals carries profound emotional effects.
The Queen of Flowers, Rose Absolute, is wonderful in blends for those who are in the midst of fresh grief; it can help us unearth the strength needed to face it; as well, Rose Absolute has unparalleled effects in female balancing and mature skin blends.

The heady yet soft fragrance of Neroli blossoms is treasured for its ability to calm mind chatter and relieve troublesome worries.

Exotic, intoxicating Jasmine has long been revered for its qualities in aphrodisiac blends. Make it part of your own “Love Potion #9”!

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essential oils Plant Therapy aromatherapy DIY How To

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