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Paying for a reputable spiritual advisor to clear chakras worth it or not?


I researched the advisor and talked to them on the phone. It is one hundred dollars for the first session and then after it would be cheaper they said. There is plenty of good information on them online and from others. Apparently, this individual is known for clearing chakras and connecting one to their spirit guides and higher consciousness. I have paid a shaman and it helped. I did this twice as well as went to a top psychic (has hundreds of reviews) who really helped me on the spiritual journey. She is a very knowledge person and told me to continue on the spiritual journey. It was healing and mind opening.

At this point, I am in therapy about to begin EDMR treatment for PTSD. This is just with a normal psychotherapist.

However, going back to this advisor I am thinking about seeing, should I even both to go this individual or just say forget it?

One person told me that once You are on the spiritual journey, it is very hard to just stop. Mine started almost a year ago after seeing 11:11 and going through a series of crazy life changing events.

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